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Mislead mother struggles with guilt no more

During a phone session recently a young woman came through to me to tell me she was my client Anna’s daughter and that she passed suddenly. I was getting a headache and saw her head hit on what looked like a window. I realized it was a car accident. She also told me the driver was drinking but she was the only one out of three who died in the accident.
As I was telling this to Anna she interrupted me, (which I ask clients not to do) and told me a large piece of glass pierced her daughter, it wasn’t her head. I told Anna, I’m sorry but I saw her hit her head it was sudden she didn’t suffer. I told Anna, I didn’t know where she got the glass piercing her daughter from but I told her again what I saw. I informed Anna the vision was very strong and it’s not symbolic when I see it that strong, it is what happened. Anna also validated that there were 23 people in the car and her daughter was the only one who passed. She also validated that the driver had been drinking.
Anna told me, she went to a show put on by a very famous medium a few years back. At the end of the show, this “famous Medium” asked the audience if anyone lost someone in an accident. Anna along with others raised her hand. The medium picked Anna, Anna told her, her daughter died of head injuries. She told Anna the accident her daughter died in was a horrific accident. Aren’t all accidents where someone passes horrific? The medium continued to tell Anna her daughter was pierced by a large piece of glass.
Anna told this “famous” medium that her daughter hit her head, just like I saw. The medium told her she was lied too, that it was the large piece of glass. The show ended on that dramatic event.
My client carried the horrific picture painted for by the “famous medium” around for several months. I informed Anna I had to stay with what I saw again telling everything else I saw in that accident was correct. It was at this point Anna informed me she was told after the accident it was a head injury that caused her daughters death. When Anna informed me of this it again validated what I saw, I also informed Anna I strongly believed this medium no longer has her gifts and I still have mine, so I have to go with what I saw.
The next morning Anna’s daughter woke me at five AM to tell me she is Furious with that Famous Medium for misleading her mother and hurting her the way she did. She told me the reason for the lie about the glass was so this medium would end her show with something dramatic for her audience.
I reached out to Anna to tell her this, Anna told me how much better she felt after our session, this is my real payment for what I do.
Note; I have investigated thousands of auto accidents, when the glass breaks it is safety glass, it shatters into small pieces I have never seen large sharp pieces of glass break off like that in all my years of investigating accidents. All too often people that do what I do seem to feel they have to bring some dramatic bad news, often misleading their client. All I can think of as to why they do this is ego. This isn’t about ego & ego should be left at home.

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