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Accused of using Psychological Tricks

Sue commented on one of my post on Facebook accusing me and all of us in this modality of being fakes and how we use psychological tricks. I realized Sue had a bad experience with someone in this modality, apparently a fake.

Sue continued to attack me but I stayed with her, not attacking her but defending myself. I finally asked her to talk in private & not put this on display because some of my clients started to come to my defense, which I appreciated. Sue and I spoke I gave her messages I was getting for her & who it was from. She couldn’t believe what I was getting which I could have never found on the internet she asked how I was getting all this I simply asked her how do you think I’m getting all this? She was extremely troubled all of which came through along with how she could get back on her feet. What convinced her I was real is, I would not let her give me her last name or any information about herself which is how I work. As a caulbearer, the messages I get are more about where someone is and how to get to the other side of whatever is holding them back.

Sue and I worked together for a while we were making great progress getting her on her way and on the right track in her life. Sadly Sue eventually fell off the map & stopped communicating.

Her accusations started me thinking about the psychology aspect from her point of view. She forced me to open my memory of thing long forgotten. I started questioning myself, as usual; had I taken a psych class, yes, I did. When I went to Rockland Community College I took psych 101.

Something began happening while I was there. I began giving one or two of the students in my class help with their issues. Now at this point, I had had approximately fifteen minutes of psych 101. I didn’t have enough education to understand I was not capable of giving any advice, particularly what I was giving them. I definitely wasn’t qualified in any way to be helping anyone with their issues as a psychologist, I knew this. However, the information I was giving them was spot on which confused me even more, the messages for them just flowed, they just came naturally and I was confused as to where I was getting the information.

The next thing I knew I was kind of a thing on campus being sought out by many more of my fellow students which confused me even more, this was happening through word of mouth. I couldn’t help but wondered what I was doing & where was all this information coming from? How was I getting all this information? The only answer I could come up with that made any sense at the time was, perhaps I am a psych prodigy? Yes, I am an over thinker and not always rational, LOL

My psych professor, Joe Perone heard about what was happening with me and realized he needed to talk to me. After one of his classes, he came up to me and said let’s take a walk & talk. I was like, oh no this isn’t going to be good. He began telling me how the students were talking about how good I was. OK, this confused me even more because I had no idea where the messages I had for those who sat with me came from. I didn’t even think they made sense because they often didn’t too me yet it did hit home with them  He explained to me that I needed to understand the responsibility that came with what I was doing. I told him I really didn’t want all this attention and tried to avoid some of the students. He told me to do what I felt was right. He continued on with good advice, he told me I had to be very careful because some of the women would find me attractive because I was there for them… here I am a nineteen-year-old male saying to myself … good to know…. LOL. (full disclosure, I never hit on any of the women) I continued doing this until the semester ended. I only returned to college for the second semester for about ten minutes, as I am not the school type and it never got a chance to start again.

Fast forward to today, as I roll the movie of what had happened back then in my memory, reflecting on what Sue had said, I realized what was happening back then and how I was connecting to them. I now realize it was their loved ones talking to me. Like I said, I have always had this gift throughout my life I just didn’t understand it. It took Sue and her comment to bring me back to those days I had long forgotten to bring awareness I really have been doing this longer then I realized.

When I first came out several years back I realized what I was doing was different from what the mediums I had been with did. Reflecting back on how I just knew things and how the information flowed for those students cleared up, mystery solved. Sue interaction with me helped me to make sense about that which confused me back then. This cleared make questions for my crazy inquisitive brain, all this finally making sense.

My journey has been a long and often a mysterious one, I’m here now, I plan on continuing this road if that is Gods will. The only joy I get from this is when I reach people and help them to get to a better place. This is not all about me or my ego, hell just the opposite it’s often painful, creating an anxiety in me every time I go see someone. I worry I may let them down. Yet God gives me the strength to continue with the messages for others I have no plans of stopping.

Too Sues point about using psychology, I believe she may be right. Too many who do what I do make it all about them & their ego. I know many ask a lot of questions, it happened to me I wonder now how much Psych they had in school? They act like, how cool am I kind of thing, they have no idea what this is really about if they make this about themselves, being a skeptic, I question their validity?  For the record, I always question mine. It is when I give my client messages I could not have known or found on the internet is where my validation comes from for me.

Finally, it turned out Sue had been to a psychic down on a boardwalk in NJ who was a fake, Sue knew it and was upset that she was scammed. I hope she’s where she needs to be today.

2 thoughts on “Accused of using Psychological Tricks

  • Ohhh now I know why you were so spiritually offended on a personal level about the certain NJ psychic / medium . I didn’t get the connection . I totally get get though, there is a deeper level of empathy mixed with a higher level of integrity , character and accountability that only caulbearers have . That’s the difference that separates humanity . It’s something on a caulbearer can comprehend .

  • Thank you for the response. Yes, I do get upset when I see TV mediums I know are fakes because of my interaction with my clients who went to them & were damaged by them. One from LI in particular, It isn’t just TV mediums but many who do this let their ego get in their way and in some way believe this is cool. Or the many fakes who either never had the gift or lost them question the clients and feed back what they are given. Sadly there are far more of them than real mediums.
    No, when done properly it is painful this takes a lot out of me & I always worry I will not be able to give my client what they need. Without exception, my anxiety levels go up when I am going to do a session that I will not fail them.

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