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Born with a veil on his face, a sign of psychic abilities, Bob understood from a very early age that he was different. By the time he was eight years old, he began to see strong visions of the future. Not understanding exactly what was happening, Bob ignored them thinking it was simply his imagination. As he grew older, the visions became timelier. Oftentimes he would know within thirty minutes when something was going to happen, but continued to ignore the messages.

When Bob began to receive strong messages and visions from beyond, he finally decided to do something with his gift. Today Bob’s clients come to him almost exclusively through referrals. People from across the Unites States, Canada & around the world reach out to him in an effort to connect with loved ones from beyond.

During a consultation with Bob clients are never asked questions, nor will he allow them to give him much information until he establishes who is coming through and why they have come forward. His messages generally are guided by validations, healing or directions. Messages are uplifting and healing. Bob considers himself a healer as much as a medium. He is thankful for his gifts, which allow him to help others in their time of need.