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Hello. I’m Bob Buchanan. I’m a Caulbearer and Medium.

Born with a veil over the face, Caulbearers have been revered and feared for centuries.

Being born en caul is seen as a sign of good luck for both baby and parents.

Some cultures and traditions believe that en caul births are spiritual or even magic.

For more on me and what the gift of being a medium has brought to my life, click here.

I want to thank you so much for the session we had yesterday! I've listened to the tape a few times. You brought my boyfriend Jimmy in. The things that you said about him were so accurate! You will hear from me again. Keep doing the work that you do. You are truly blessed and I feel blessed to have had this session with you. I'm sure you bring comfort to so many people!

RoseNew York City

I wanted to say thank you for the messages you gave me. I woke up this morning feeling lighter and more content than I have in years. What you do is amazing, and it was exactly what I needed at this point in my life! You have an incredible gift - thank you for using it to help people like me! There are several people in my life that I plan on sending your way!

MaryCarmel, NY

I had a first time phone reading with Bob recently and he was right on target with the information and descriptions that he gave me. Even obscure facts that no one else knew, he knew. There is no doubt that Bob truly does connect with those who have crossed over. I know that the messages I received were coming directly from my loved ones. I have been struggling with some issues for a long time now and my reading really helped me to start to take steps to move forward in a positive direction. I feel so much more at peace and Bob was instrumental in me feeling this way. He is compassionate and very easy to talk to, a definite healer of people's hearts and minds.

RobinLong Beach, CA

Testimonial: I was lost, confused & painfully hurting. I wanted to die .... Bob Buchanan literally saved me .... His readings are REAL & TRUE ... I am not kidding .... His compassion, truth and blessings are what keeps me coming back .... When I leave from a reading with Bob I am uplifted, and confident again about my life .... It's like I had a reading and a healing all at the same time .... And with no avail, the messages I get from Bob are right on the money ... without a doubt ... Truly a gifted Man .... Thanks Bob 🙂

KarenWestchester, NY

Thank you for coming over two weeks ago. I'm so glad that I taped our session and I have listened to it a couple of times since. I felt that this session was a "spiritual" therapy session of sorts, full of caring deep insights and advice, and I am grateful to you for it. It is requiring a shift in my consciousness and belief system to accept that family members who were not necessarily benevolent to me during their lives would be so from the spiritual world, i.e. my father. My son had been so, for some time before his death.
Thank you, Bob.

CarolPleasantville, NY

I have known Bob Buchanan for almost 10 years now, I first met via a phone session, and he shared such insights into my past and messages for me from the other side that gave me chills and peace at the same time. Bob has a very special gift of being able to communicate from the heart and beyond. Not just with the spirits but putting me at ease and revealing events that touch my life in a beautiful way. I lost my daughter to suicide 4 years ago and was completely devastated. Bob put me ease and told me that he saw her, she was happy, at peace in the light with her grandmothers and other close family and friends that had already passed on. Hearing this, I began to gently sob, but the tears were of peace knowing that my daughter was happy and safe…and that one day we will be together again. I highly recommend talking to Bob…it has provided me with peace and closure that I would not have been able to achieve on my own.

SusanNewburgh, NY

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