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Hello. I’m Bob Buchanan. I’m a Caulbearer and Medium.

Born with a veil over the face, Caulbearers have been revered and feared for centuries.

Being born en caul is seen as a sign of good luck for both baby and parents.

Some cultures and traditions believe that en caul births are spiritual or even magic.

For more on me and what the gift of being a medium has brought to my life, click here.

I want to thank you so much for the session we had yesterday! I've listened to the tape a few times. You brought my boyfriend Jimmy in. The things that you said about him were so accurate! You will hear from me again. Keep doing the work that you do. You are truly blessed and I feel blessed to have had this session with you. I'm sure you bring comfort to so many people!

RoseNew York City

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My newest book Heaven is my Google search is at the publisher's now. Take a look at the video my publisher & I did.

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The souls find me when they need a message

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I can’t begin to tell you how often I am working somewhere and someone will come in express to me they felt they had to come in but don’t know…