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Sharon Called me on Monday

                                                     I was doing a small gallery session on a Saturday morning. During the session, a woman was guiding me to the woman sitting across from me on my right. As a matter of fact, I was starting to give messages to a woman on my left when she came in and diverted my attention[…]

The Movie Ronnie played

                     I went to Brenda’s house to interview her regarding the sessions I had with her when her son Ronny who was lost in a fire first came to me (see the video titled Brenda). Upon completing our interview Brian came in and introduced himself. This was the first time I met Brian and[…]

I’m going to stop doing this

                                     I was fed up, depressed, angry and done being a caulbearer. Yes, I knew I would have to live with these gifts whether I shared them or not. I was getting ready to do my self-hypnosis as I laid down, I told myself I was done and I would put more energy into my[…]


                                 The obvious; whenever someone loses a child there is always a piece missing. This is the case with Judy who told me she is broken. This is part of what occurred during our session.  I never know what will be important to my client, often it’s a little thing that hits the hardest. During[…]