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Beware of Fakes, please & here’s why

Some tell me I am obsessed with the fake mediums, of which sadly there are many. Let me explain why. I have a client who was scammed by a very famous TV medium. She repeated things she already knew about her, because her Producer asked a bunch of questions. This client is involved with a large Bereavement group. This group set up a reading for her with one of their “Best” mediums after she lost her parents. She received the recording of the reading the other day & in the package were papers from 3 investigative websites where you can look into people. There it was, everything the medium told her she found on the net. This is terrible how can people do this? It’s because of actions like this that is hurting all of us & the people they sit with. It is for this very reason I never ask last names, I don’t charge enough to have a staff that can do this type of research anyway, if I did, I would never do that. If I lost my gifts, I would walk away from this, not take advantage of others.

Many, who either do not have the gift or have lost it because they made this about themselves or money, are hurting everyone, not just the bereaved, but those of us who have integrity & understand how important this is to not do that. I’m sorry, I’m here to heal not hurt people.

If they learned the gift from a book or class, learned “technique” from someone, don’t book that person. You either have this gift or you don’t, it’s granted by God, not some teacher. Please be careful when seeking out someone who does this, be aware when sitting with them as to how much you say to them. You may be surprised just how much you told them & how much they fed back to you.

Yes, this upsets me, I know it shouldn’t, but it’s who I am. I hate seeing people being taken advantage of, haven’t they lost enough when they lost a loved one, but to hurt them even more is in my eyes criminal.

2 thoughts on “Beware of Fakes, please & here’s why

  • Hi Bob! This Mary Ann Hartmann’s cousin again. I am Very Happy to see what you posted above, for it really upsets me to see what the “fakers” do to innocent, bereaving individuals and Families.These “Fakers” are RUTHLESS in their selfish “”Quest” for SELF GRATIFICATION…GREED I have spoken to many people, especially my relatives and Friends, and ALWAYS advise them to be aware of those charlatans of Greed! I will share some things with you so you know where I am coming from. Both my Grandma’s, Mary Ann, my also deceased cousin Tommy, Myself and one of Mary Ann’s “children,” who is now of course an adult, were born with the “Gift of Prophesy,” a Gift given to us by “The Light”.. It used to scare me when I little an became “fully” aware of it at the age of 9, but I was encouraged by my Grandma, my Mom’s mother, to just speak what I see and feel to those who need to be made aware of something, especially things of Great importance. My Father’s Mom used to do “The Eyes” an Italian prayer method, for free to those who had horrific migraines and in 5 mins, the individual’s headache would disappear and the oil she dropped in the Blessed water would change. She would say the “Special prayer” and have the effected person touch the edge of the bowl, not the water, and she’d make little signs of the cross on the person’s forehead and Heart and the headache would vanish. She taught me the method and the prayer on Christmas Eve of my 7th. year after I received Communion. It can only be taught on that day. I do not practice it anymore, nor do I read cards anymore, rather I have chosen go about this Life’s “Journey” as an Empath, speaking to those strangers I encounter in the Streets, trains, or wherever or whenever the Voice of “The Light” or the Angels voices speak to me in a way that my “Spirit” hears them. I can feel other’s emotional pain very deeply and try to comfort these Souls, our Sisters and Brothers, who need a Kind word or to be acknowledged as Special in this Level of the Sous Journeyl. Money has NEVER or WILL NEVER cross my palms, because “The Gift” from “The Light” is just that…A GIFT to be given Freely. When I call you, if you care to talk still with me, we can do so with no expectations or judgements. I have not presently, told Mary Ann’s “child” what I am doing yet, because the “child” is going through a very tough personal issue at this time, but I do intend to let the “child” know, when the time is right…Personally, I Believe Mary Ann’s “child” has picked up on me, since they have “The Gift” too! I want to take this moment to Thank You Bob, for allowing me to express these Very personal things in writing. We will share thoughts one day soon! I TRULY Believe and KNOW through many experiences “Spiritual” Encounters, Connections and Enlightenments happen when the Time “The Light” plans and has chosen for them to happen and is right! Continue to be a “Light” in the Darkness for those who are struggling to find their ways on this Earth Plain! These precious “Souls” Bless Us! Peace and Joy be Yours Forever and Then… “J” PS: That is not my email address, but this is the only way to send this post until I actually speak with You!

    • I’m wondering why you haven’t contacted me again? You wrote a very long message which I stopped reading bc if we do speak the souls must give me the messages so I request people do not tell me why they want to see me or give me any information until the point they know I am real. I have a client who not only went to the long island medium a total fake but was gifted a “reading” ( I call the sessions) from a large bereavement group. She was a $200.00 medium. When the disk from her reading came in the mail also mistakenly included were 3 sheets of paper showing she was googled & everything the medium told he were in those papers. I hate fakes, I will tell you this, I believe the murder was a either a prominent figure in town or his son. Others feel it was a drug thing. I do not feel that.

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