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January 30, 2017




Two things happened today coincidences, not likely. 1st, a friend Ed who I shoot trap & sporting clays with died Thursday. He always brought his 14 yro Grandson shooting, he has brought the boy since he was 12. Yesterday, Saturday, Ed was with me talking about his grandson. I was think maybe I should pick his grandson up and bring him to the club and talk to him. But it being so soon I felt it best not to call & promised Ed I would talk to his grandson on Monday at the service. Ed was telling me he had a long talk with his grandson.

Well, this morning his grandson shows up to shoot. He contacted one of Ed’s other friends to bring him down. I was very surprised but I wanted to respect; let’s call him Mark’s privacy. I expressed my condolences and left it at that. I was getting ready to leave when I was pushed to speak with Mark by his grandfather Ed. I sat down & had a conversation with Mark. I asked him if his Ed had a talk with him that was what I was getting. He said no. Mark asked if I thought they can hear you when they are in a coma. I said absolutely. Mark said because he was talking to Ed. I told him how he heard him & he got it. This young man was fighting back tears as was I.

The 2nd thing, I did a session with a woman on Wednesday, her daughter came through. After our session she asked me about her room which is exactly as it was a year ago. She felt her daughter may have been murdered, that wasn’t what I got. She asked if I could come by & look at the room. I told her Saturday was the best day; she unblocked her phone number & called me so I would have it. I texted her Saturday, on her cell phone a 917 number, but it was getting kicked back. I called the number & I’m getting a message, “if you want to opt out press 9.” Ok it’s obviously a wrong number that came up when she called me. I was going to try to reach out to her on Monday, she blocked her number so I couldn’t google her … Note; the only thing I get on my phone is your number.  I decided to walk my dog up my hill early; I live by Trump State Park on a rural road. As I was walking back down the hill a car comes up & I saw the woman in the passenger wave to me, but didn’t see who it was. I turn to see the car backing down the hill. It turned out it was my client. She & her friend were going to hike in Trump Park. She has never been up here before it was a coming together of events. I decided to walk my dog early & she was walking in a park she never walked in before all at the same time. Coincidence, yea no. I was talking to her daughter just before I saw the car. Her daughter knew we were both trying to connect but couldn’t.

I connected with both these people who their relatives wanted me to talk too, but the likelihood of connecting like we did was nil, Yes no coincidences.