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   He Gifted Me Tomatoes

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One of my clients called to set up a small gallery with her & perhaps 4 others. She wasn’t sure but though perhaps her husband would sit in, perhaps not. However, this was primarily for her mother-in-law.

It turns out there were only 3, 1 being her husband who wanted to know if there was money buried in the basement of the family home. Not what I do but ok, I’ll see what I get.

Upon my arrival I was introduced to everyone. Her husband, let’s call him John, was giving me looks, I could feel them go right through me. He was skeptical … hell he downright had no belief in this. He seemed ready to expose me as a fraud we here so much about in this industry & thinks I’m just there to grab his hard earned money.

Ok his mom is on my left, he is way over on my right with his wife, waiting to pounce. His father comes through pretty fast filling me in on who he was. As I am giving her the messages from him & a few other souls, something brings my attention to him. I look over to see his head turned away from everyone. His father, a prankster, chuckled and said; he is a skeptic no more.

During his messages the 1st thing I said was you found money in a can in the basement, he confirmed he found a can filled with silver coins. It went on from there, I saw this tough, non-believer, or at the very least strong skeptic became emotional, which isn’t uncommon. As the messages continued to come I was sure he would as most skeptics do, say no too much of what I said. That didn’t happen; once he saw what he was getting was true his skepticism went away.

I told him, to answer his question about the buried money I saw a patch with cracks in the floor. I drew him what I saw; a first for me. I didn’t hear from him, so I doubt that was there, not a surprise his father who was a prankster here, continued that behavior during this session. I don’t or can’t find your wallet or keys, hell I can’t even find mine sometimes… I bring messages of things you need to do to move through your life. I don’t do what I call parlor tricks, no it’s about you & their plan to help you move on.

Everyone was happy with the messages at the end as I left he thank me again for the messages.  As I was pulling out of the driveway, he runs out with a bag & stops me. He asks if I like tomatoes. Which I do, he proceeds to hand me the bag with tomatoes he grew in his garden. I knew it was his way of saying thank you, I knew exactly what I was going to do with them. The same thing I have been doing as a kid.

Getting those tomatoes mean a lot to me on so many levels.

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