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Ice cream


When talking with the souls I get messages they often don’t totally explain, this just occurred.

I was speaking with Joan whose mother, Grandmother, father & husband came to me. After her mother was finished saying what she had to say, which was a lot, her husband then came forward & gave me what he wanted to say from him.

He told me he had been sick & suffered for a long time. He told me his daughter was daddy’s little girl. Please don’t say aren’t all daughters daddy’s little girl; because that is not true & I only get it when it is true which isn’t as often as you may think often.

One of the things he brought up early into his message was he wanted her to go out, get out of the house more; he told her to go out for “Ice Cream”.  This came through several times during our session, now if you know me I don’t let anyone talk until they know I’m real. As the Ice cream came up I thought it maybe symbolic until he told me, she should grab her daughter and go out to get ice cream. At this point, I’m seeing an old fashion Ice cream parlor. I asked her if there was such a place near her. She told me there was. I told her to go to that place & have ice cream.

As we were finishing up we spoke about him making reference to ice cream a lot & I didn’t feel it was symbolic as I felt in the beginning. I asked her if that was meaningful to her about taking her daughter (who is no child) out for ice cream.

She told me, that when his daughter was a child she wanted to go out for ice cream, he told her no, they would go out another time. That never happened & it bothered him until his passing. Joan told me he would refer to that often throughout his life & how much it bothered him he never followed through on his promise.

As we finished we were talking about the ice cream and how much he wanted to go get ice cream together, she said she would do that, suddenly, the vanilla cone which I had seen throughout the session became a hot fudge sundae, I told her that & she just laughed as we were hanging up. I do hope they will do that together.


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