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Mom began to sing

During a phone session with Joann, her mother & grandmother came to me. Joann had just lost her mother who was like her best friend, they did everything together. Her mother wanted to reassure Joann she was whole again (something I know happens & get often) she played the movie on some of the highlights[…]

   We Saw Light  

                                                       Doing a session with Eve her mother who had just passed came through as the dominant soul. Eve was very close to her mom and missed her immensely, she felt as though she lost her best friend. The messages were coming faster than usual as her mom was playing the movie on their lives[…]

News from me

NEWS: Happy September; The only psychic fair I do is the Putnam County fair. This year my son is getting married on October 27th the same day of the fair. I will miss all of you this year, go have fun & I will see you next year. Also, I must make some changes to[…]

Adjustments on how I work

I am making some necessary changes in my caulbearer practice. I often receive requests through electronic media and my cell phone through inbox, emails, and texts asking questions seeking messages or information. I don’t offer sessions through electronic media, it is almost impossible for me to do. As a caulbearer I get much more than,[…]