News from me

NEWS: Happy September; The only psychic fair I do is the Putnam County fair. This year my son is getting married on October 27th the same day of the fair. I will miss all of you this year, go have fun & I will see you next year. Also, I must make some changes to[…]

Adjustments on how I work

I am making some necessary changes in my caulbearer practice. I often receive requests through electronic media and my cell phone through inbox, emails, and texts asking questions seeking messages or information. I don’t offer sessions through electronic media, it is almost impossible for me to do. As a caulbearer I get much more than,[…]

The Pink Flower Pedal

I was asked to do a group session, what I call a gallery with a family, the father Craig, mom Anna & daughter Judy. Upon sitting down Craig’s father came through right away, as did Anna’s mom. I was giving them the messages from the souls when my attention turned to Judy, I was hearing[…]

The Clearing & The Skeptic

I received an urgent call from Nancy on a Sunday afternoon. She advised me there is an entity in her home. She went on to say, she awoke to the sound of footsteps in her bedroom around five AM. When she looked in the direction of the footsteps she saw a man standing looking out[…]