Ice cream

  When talking with the souls I get messages they often don’t totally explain, this just occurred. I was speaking with Joan whose mother, Grandmother, father & husband came to me. After her mother was finished saying what she had to say, which was a lot, her husband then came forward & gave me what[…]

Who the hell am I?!?! PART 1

I have been gifted by God to be a caulbearer. However, I have been confused by this vocation for my whole life. As I travel through this road of my life, I don’t expect anything in return and I really don’t think too much about it because this is just who I am and I[…]


Two things happened today coincidences, not likely. 1st, a friend Ed who I shoot trap & sporting clays with died Thursday. He always brought his 14 yro Grandson shooting, he has brought the boy since he was 12. Yesterday, Saturday, Ed was with me talking about his grandson. I was think maybe I should pick[…]