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The blindside, The soul pushed me into talking….

Once again the ambush happened. I was in Manhattan doing a video shoot today. I got there a little early so the security guard had to take me up to site safety because no one answered the phone.
We are in the elevator suddenly I had a big guy from the other side with me. He wanted me to tell the guard he was there. I told him not a good idea, I didn’t know him & what if he wasn’t receptive, and this is a job where I am representing another company.
So as I’m shooting one of the floors this soul comes back to me & tells me to “speak to his boy”; again I refuse and continue about my business. I thought that was that. Nope, I was leaving the job, I was just about through the gate when bam; this man is with me again. I told the soul, ok, I’ll see how this goes, but it better go well. This man laughed & said, “Not to worry.”
I came back to the guard & asked him, “Did you dad pass & was he a big man?” Before he could answer, I told him what this man was telling me. That character was important to him (the guard) & it always was even as a little boy. He just looked at me & again I apologized for doing it to him. I asked if this was his dad, he said no, I told him he was an influence for him growing up. He told me it was his uncle who he was named after, it fit him perfectly.
This man pulled up his sleeve & said what I told him made the hair stand up on his arm; that I nailed it. I gave him my card & told him to call me. He told me he will definitely reach out. I hope he does because his uncle told me a few other things after I left.
I really hate doing that to people & when I do, I can’t & will not charge them, it’s an ethical thing. I don’t believe its right to blind side someone than charge them.
I guess it’s time for me to stop setting boundaries for myself; well actually the souls will not stay within them anyway.

2 thoughts on “The blindside, The soul pushed me into talking….

  • It’s truly Amazing and Inspirational . It is truly unselfish of you to listen and facilitate communication. Separation from loved ones is so hard , especially when it’s unexpected . So many people ( not to mention souls) need that communication to have peace . Yes, God created us and He created caulbearers each with individual abilities . As a nurse I am blessed by the peace you bring to the people . Your integrity is admirable and bless those around you .

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