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The Clearing & The Skeptic

I received an urgent call from Nancy on a Sunday afternoon. She advised me there is an entity in her home. She went on to say, she awoke to the sound of footsteps in her bedroom around five AM. When she looked in the direction of the footsteps she saw a man standing looking out her bedroom window.

Nancy was upset by this event and requested I come right away to clear her house. I told Nancy it is not likely I would be able to go over that day due to prior obligations. It was no surprise to me the obligations I had were put on hold and I was able to visit Nancy in her home later that day.

Upon my arrival, I was met by Nancy & her boyfriend Jack. Jack looked like someone I had met before, I wasn’t sure who he was or if he was the person I thought I had met before, or perhaps he just looked like someone I knew.

Turning my attention to Nancy she asked if she should show me her bedroom, I told her it would be a good idea and the three of us proceeded upstairs. I went to the window where she saw the man looked out. I felt an encampment from the revolution which seemed to be not far from the window. I began to feel a French soldier and started to go into my zone to see, when suddenly a man came to me and let me know who he was and it was him who woke Nancy early that morning.

Before I said anything, we proceeded back downstairs and sat around the kitchen table. I told Nancy the soul in her bedroom was her father. I proceeded to tell her, her father was telling me he wasn’t a good father, to say the least, he showed me his drinking issues and his anger, along with other issues he had. He told me when he was home which wasn’t that often, he took his anger out on his family and Nancy in particular. He wasn’t present during his time here to his family. He also told me Nancy was looking to heal from her life as a young girl and the damage she suffered from living this hard life I was seeing, much of which he was a big part. Without going into too much detail here, Dad told me Nancy is in a place in her life where she was looking for answers and needed to heal from the damage he did to her. She has finally come to a place in her life where things had to change. Nancy confirmed the message from her father as did Jack. Jack told me Nancy was talking to him a lot about this. When I looked over at Jack he looked a little surprised how accurate the message was. I continued to allow other souls to come through for Nancy with messages on how to heal. I had a few other souls come through to help comfort her.

Suddenly I hear the name Mary, I asked Nancy if that name mean anything to her, she said no. At that point, a woman came in and identified herself as Aunt Mary. Nancy couldn’t place her. It was at that point Jack said Mary may be for him. I told him she had black hair, playing cards & smoking a cigarette his eyes open wide, it appeared he was a little surprised then laughed and acknowledged it was his Aunt Mary. Jack got a few messages although Aunt Mary wasn’t giving me much.

Once the session ended, I told him how I thought I may know him. It turned out he was who I thought he was. I had met him years ago at a chamber event held at his place. I know people he works with & a talent he travels wit & her family I didn’t know him just of him.

I was very surprised he was accepting of all this is he is a Born-Again Christian. Had I know it was him I would have most likely asked him to leave or I would have left because they are ferment in their disbelief and refuse to accept what I do. They are true skeptics, from time to time I am attacked online by them. It was at that point I understood why I was getting the skepticism from him. He never mentioned or acknowledged that or what happened any further. I’m sure he is conflicted by what he has always been told by his church and what he just witnessed.

I asked Nancy how she found me. She went 40 miles to get a mile as I like to say. She reached out to a friend who owns a building, her friend had a tenant who had me go to see what entity was in her Gun store. The store owner had issues with guns falling off the racks, which was impossible. I did a clearing for her.

I advised Nancy her father would remain there to help her heal from the damage of her young life, but would not show himself, he only did it was to shake her up enough to find me or someone like me so he could give her his messages.

I texted Nancy to ask if her dad showed up again, her answer, “No, all is we well’.


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