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The Fox Was Crying

Johns Soul moved me to my deck; I was beginning a phone session in my office with Carol who had recently lost her husband John. I was having serious issues with my cell phone & the call kept dropping. I moved to the kitchen where I had the same issues. I went to sit on my deck to see how the signal was, there were no issues & I called Carol back. At this point I should say, I never have these issues, but I didn’t think much of it at the time.
Several minutes into our session on the deck, I began to hear from a great distance off in the woods a crying type noise. For a moment, it sounded as though it may have been a child or someone in the woods in distress. I Stopped talking and listened for a moment but realized it was not a person and ignored the sound and continued with our session.
As I continued with Carols (not her real name) session I soon realized, whatever it is was coming straight toward me, and continued to do so throughout our session.
As the session was coming to the end, the crying was getting closer. At this point, Carol told me John was a hunter. She asked me if I knew of anywhere she could donate or sell his mounted trophies, he wanted them to go to people who would enjoy them.
While having this conversation, the crying I had heard was in my back yard, it was so loud she could hear it & I could no longer ignore it. I got up to see what it was, it was, a Red Fox, just sitting there crying. I should mention that my dog was on the deck with me & when animals are on my property he goes crazy, but he just quietly watching it.
I explained to Carol the crying we were hearing is a red fox. With that she said; “Oh my God, I just put his mounted red fox in my car yesterday to sell it to someone, should I get it back?”
John told me it was rare for him to see any foxes & it was the one mount that he loved. I told her yes she should keep that one. She told me she would call the guy she was selling it too, to ask for it back. Once we established this, the Fox stopped it’s crying & just sat there for a few more moments then ran off.
I am certain John guided that fox to us. I have on very rare occasions seen foxes in my back yard but they never make any noises, nor have they come from such a long way off letting us know they are coming.
I question signs at times (I like to be one step ahead of the skeptics); however, putting it all together; the cell phone losing the signal where it is normally good, my dog Chunk just calmly sitting there watching the fox and the fox crying the whole time, as it traveled a great distance, to finally silently sit where it was in clear site; there can be no doubt that it was a sign, a very strong sign.
(Note; it’s much more common, for me to see Turkeys, Deer, everyday actually, Coyotes I even had a Bobcat back there, and the usual rabbits, squirrels chipmunks. So why did he pick the Red fox? I think that is obvious now isn’t it).

2 thoughts on “The Fox Was Crying

  • There is no doubt that it was John. Given the fact that my brother knew that “carol’ wasn’t really fond of his trophies and knowing his sense of humor he made sure that at least his favorite would never be given away. ❤️

    • I never use real names without permission, this story will be in my book, John wanted to make sure he is remembered. If you give me permission I will be happy to use your real name. Some people don’t want their name used so I respect other privacy

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