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Your life your choices, it’s all up to you.

Take control of your life don’t let outside influences control you. Sadly, these words will be wasted on so many today, especially if you’re an angry person. Angry people will always find a way of blaming something or someone else for not being able to enjoy life.
I’m not fond of stating the obvious, but here I go again.
Life is not a destination, it is a journey. Where you find yourself today hopefully is a better place than where you were yesterday.
If not, what are you going to do about it?
Life isn’t a straight smooth road with no bumps or potholes, it’s not meant to be. How you live life is up to you, no one, nothing except you is in control of your life. It is you who must face down and overcome any challenge or roadblocks placed between you and enjoying life. Take those mountains life drops in your way and break them down into manageable hills. Look at it this way, life’s trials keep things interesting with challenges you are capable of handling provided you keep everything in the right perspective. Without them, life would be boring.
How do you approach each day, do you look at a difficult day and crawl under the covers of compliancy? Ignore those mountains with hopes of them going away by themselves; STOP that, they will not go away by themselves they never do.
You have a choice, you can allow setbacks to drag you down and become hopeless, defeated and depleted; or you can find the strength necessary to stand strong and knock all obstacles down to size. Perhaps you hide & not confront your issues by blaming outside events that really have no place getting in your way as an excuse to do nothing live in anger. They are nothing more than excuses for you to give up. Your only real choice for a better life is to take them head on and find a way to resolve them, with strength and fortitude.
Don’t rely on others to solve your problems for you, you will only be disappointed which will lead to disillusionment. It’s up to you, are you going to give up, hide, stop living life or make the most of what life has dropped on your lap, or be proud, be strong, be resolute. Find the joy and the humor in all things, life will be so much grander.
Believe you can overcome all obstacles placed in your way, believe in yourself, never give up, always, always believe you have what it takes to face down anything.

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