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                     Have faith in yourself, there are times in our lives when we meet people, we would like to impress we feel the need to do so, whether it’s for a job or a new relationship. We do this because we feel we need it or want it so badly we are willing to transform ourselves into something we are not, something we believe the other party would like.

We see this on the political stage as well, we just want to fit in with the crowd to be accepted by others. This started in Kindergarten, we wanted the other kids to play with us, and to like us.

I realized perhaps as long ago as Kindergarten, all too often the kids I thought I wanted to be friends with weren’t who I thought they were and the last thing I wanted was to hang with them. I learned that I will just be who I am for better or worse. I learned these lessons in life long ago and although they were often hard lessons they were lessons well worth learning.

Two examples of this; when I was shooting projects for clients especially, corporate clients I would change. I would get uptight knowing many would blame me, the photographer, for anything that went wrong they would never take the hit. I would shoot things the way they wanted, not how I thought it should be. Working with them was always a struggle emotionally and creatively. I was rarely happy with the end result knowing I could have done it better. Then one day my assistant Cindy said to me, Bob, you change when these people come in. You should just be your crazy self and do what you think is right. Well, I followed Cindy’s advice, I found the shoots went better, my work was strong and they enjoyed the crazy me because it was a different life than back at HQ. If they insisted I shoot it their way I would do that & then I did one my way. 98% of the time they went with my shot. I had a package designer I did that with often. One day when I delivered the Chromes and he went with my shot he turned and said, I always go with your shot. I said with a smile then let’s not waste time and just let me do what I do. He got a kick out of that. This was a lesson in life for me.

The second; I was on patrol at 3 a.m. when my partner expressed concern about some of the other cops not liking him. I realized it was just his perspective when he said, I’m going to make them like me. I turned to him and said, if they don’t like you don’t waste your time. You will never change someone’s feelings, just be you and they may come around.

The conclusion: is always be you, you will attract those who are best suited for you and your life. Your life will be much better, trying to be something you are not will create stress and there is nothing worth that stress. Have confidence in yourself live your best life and be happy you did.  Trust yourself in knowing what is right for you and your life, never want anything so much you’re not willing to walk away from it. You will be glad you did.