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I Saw Rainbow Suspenders

During another session with Jodi her son Alan was with me as he always is. I speak with them often & Alan is always there with them. This time Alan was showing me a photo of himself as a little boy in shorts & colorful suspenders. I explained my vision to Jodi and ask if[…]

Happy Birthday Pop

My client Jody called me to tell me about something that happened in the car while Husband Harold was driving. Their son Alan passed to cancer they are devastated. Their vehicle has what sounds to me like a pop-up display where the GPS & other apps will come up on the screen. The screen was[…]

Flickering Light

When things happen and the souls give me & my client signs, I look to prove it is signs, not something normal happening. Far too many people believe everything is a sign that is not true so I question everything. This story is a perfect example of how I approach signs.  I arrive at my[…]

I’m always looking for proof

I received a call from a psychologist (let’s call him Joe as I do not remember his name), Joe started the conversation by saying he had read an article on me in the paper. I immediately thought that was 6 weeks ago I doubt he did but I entertained him. Joe continued, I’m 80 years[…]

This is about you and no one else

                                                                                                       It’s about Love & hate This s a quick video shot on Sunday, November 8th, 5 days after the presidential elections. I was in a race against the sun… LOL. This is not about the election or what happened because, at this point, we do not know what is happening.[…]

Dad showed me a one Dollar Bill

During a session with Donna, Donna’s dad who she was very close to took out a crisp new dollar bill held it straight out in a clear colorful vision.  It was a very strong movie and when the black and white movie turns to color and strong it is meaningful. I told Donna about the[…]

Sharon Called me on Monday

                                                     I was doing a small gallery session on a Saturday morning. During the session, a woman was guiding me to the woman sitting across from me on my right. As a matter of fact, I was starting to give messages to a woman on my left when she came in and diverted my attention[…]

Frankie was considering taking his life

Frankie’s mom Carla a client called me telling me she is worried about him because he was not in a good place. I immediately heard the soft voice telling me Frankie was considering suicide. I told that to Carla who freaked out because she had been a client and knows how accurate I was with[…]

The Redtail Hawk Came To Me

                As I have said many times before, I am somewhat skeptical when it comes to signs for me, don’t ask me why. I mean, I know everyone else gets them but when it comes to myself it is hard for me to believe them. For approximately two and a half years I worked with[…]