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I Saw Rainbow Suspenders

During another session with Jodi her son Alan was with me as he always is. I speak with them often & Alan is always there with them. This time Alan was showing me a photo of himself as a little boy in shorts & colorful suspenders. I explained my vision to Jodi and ask if[…]

Happy Birthday Pop

My client Jody called me to tell me about something that happened in the car while Husband Harold was driving. Their son Alan passed to cancer they are devastated. Their vehicle has what sounds to me like a pop-up display where the GPS & other apps will come up on the screen. The screen was[…]

I’m always looking for proof

I received a call from a psychologist (let’s call him Joe as I do not remember his name), Joe started the conversation by saying he had read an article on me in the paper. I immediately thought that was 6 weeks ago I doubt he did but I entertained him. Joe continued, I’m 80 years[…]

Elizabeth’s Mom surprised me with a message a few years later

        A year or two ago I sat with Elizabeth for a session. At the end of the session, she asked if I knew where her late mother’s ring was. She told me they checked everywhere but couldn’t locate it. She asked if I thought if the caretaker may have taken it. My 1st instinct as[…]

Happy Birthday Alice from Jimmy

I was doing a session with a Alice who just lost her husband Jimmy at a very young age, she had never done this before and was very skeptical. Her messages were strong and very accurate for her. Her husband Jimmy showed me a cell phone and told me to tell her he would communicate[…]

Calming a new mothers’ nerves

On Friday I received an inbox rom a client Nancy. Nancy just had a new baby that is two months old. This was the exchange we had; Nancy; Hi how are you? I had a question I know when we do readings I’ve always met you somewhere like Starbucks but I have something that’s going[…]

The souls can only guide us, you have to try to be Optimistic

Many who come to me seek information about their future. They want to know if they are going to be successful at one thing or another.  Seeing that is completely up to the souls, at times I see something will work for my client. I have seen a successful career at writing, art, and a[…]

Suicides Not Really

Sometimes when the movie plays, I expect what I am seeing to continue to develop in the direction it started moving toward, then suddenly it takes a turn and I get something I never expected. The first time this happened was with a client who is from Italy.  Sam approached me at the trap club[…]

I couldn’t stop moving my Hands

I was doing a session with Mary, her sister-in-law referred her to me. During our session, her dad who had just passed came through immediately. He was clearly the one she was most interested in talking to and he didn’t disappoint her. As anyone who knows me, knows I do not remember the messages I[…]