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Damaged by Psychics

Damaged by psychics; I met with a young man Saturday; I’ll call him Michael he is a very serious young man. He had high hopes of becoming a professional athlete. He only wanted a psychic reading, and didn’t want to hear from the souls. I explained to him, I’m not a psychic, I don’t believe in them & his message will be around him and how he could move toward his goal. I asked if he wanted to stay with that in mind; he understood & stayed for the session.
A man was with me, who I didn’t try to identify, I was told by this man Michael was very depressed. It also came out, actually before I met with Michael that he was waiting for a position in a Professional sport ( I was told by the person who called me about his desire to get into this sport) to just materialize; that he actually felt entitled and he just couldn’t figure out why he hadn’t made it yet.
When we met I told him this; he cautiously admitted it. I than said to him, “ it’s because you go to psychics who have told you it was going to happen and even gave you a time line”. I asked is that correct, he said “yes”. I continued; “and you wonder why it hasn’t happened”, again he confirmed this.
The messages Michael received from me are for him to change. He needed to work on building his self-confidence, lose his anger and get a sense of humor. Michael needs to work harder and he must earn this position. I told him no one was going to be handing it to him, and if he showed a lighter him he will be able to accomplish his goal. In short he got the message to enjoy journey, it was about him empowering himself. Whether or not Michael accepts the message and works hard to make the changes he needs is up to him. I did notice his face got much lighter, I believe I was able to reach him, I hope so.
The point I am driving home here is, those of us in this realm must be very careful in what we tell people. I will not judge the “Psychic” who he goes to, but they are doing people a disservice by raising their hopes things will just happen. Much of what they tell people comes true through power of suggestion. If they tell you, you will buy a blue car next time you go to buy a car; you will buy that blue car & think wow.
Although I get some things for the future, it is limited to the near future; we cannot tell everyone how the future will be. Think about that & how if that were true we would change the course of the world & quite honestly create a chaotic one at best. I am not here to denigrate other modalities within this realm; I’m just saying more responsibility is needed from those who do this. I do get angry when I hear about people in this world who either don’t have any gift or maybe has a little gift and abuse it. I am here to help others. I take this very seriously when I see something like Michael & I have seen it more often than I like too, and how it does more damage, yes, I get upset. I understand I can only do is what I’m called upon to do by the souls & divine spirits. It’s up to you to protect yourself. #caul #caulbearer#medium#BobBuchanan #Bobbuchananyoutube

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