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Who the hell am I?!?! PART 1

I have been gifted by God to be a caulbearer. However, I have been confused by this vocation for my whole life. As I travel through this road of my life, I don’t expect anything in return and I really don’t think too much about it because this is just who I am and I don’t really have the time to spend thinking on it.. I have always felt that I had a special gift and that I was different, but I couldn’t figure it all out. A classmate of mine in High School told me that she always knew that I was different so maybe she was onto something back then. One thing for sure is that I am extremely busy doing what I do. I feel that there is nothing special here—- hell there are a 1000 mediums around, I’m simply just one of them.
I am a person that always liked helping people out and that was the reason that I became a cop years ago. I felt that it was a calling. That seemed to be a part of my life where I felt I did what I was truly destined to do.
One evening I was at an event; I saw several people there who had been my clients. During a break one of them came over to me and said, “Thank you. You saved my life.” That simple unexpected statement was so powerful and emotional that I felt like I had been hit in the chest with a cannon ball. I was truly stunned. I couldn’t understand how I could have possibly saved her life. My sister had originally sent this woman to me and I told her what this woman had said. My sister said, “You don’t get it. You don’t understand how you touch people’s lives.” My sister is right (but don’t anyone tell her I said that)!! However I still don’t get it; after all, I’m only one of a 1000.

One thought on “Who the hell am I?!?! PART 1”

  • I often have the same questions why me? Why me? I never associated having being born enveil with what i was experiencing in my life i didn’t dis cover until years later that i was born this way i over heard my mother mentioning it to a friend of. Hers that i was infact born with a veil she never told me directly and i recall al those years when i told her that i saw things she acted like she didnt belive me but she was in denial because she knew exactly what was wrong with me she just didn’t want to deal with it all thank god for the high angels that god had camped around and my guide that i got throuh thoses times when my stepfather put me out in the garage because i wouldn’t stop screaming and crying cause i was afraid of the unknown and the creepy things i saw. Their were angeles who set on either side of me they told me to hush they said i should always remember that they are here with me as well as others and i should not be afraid because thats what the evil spirits want and thats what they live for. and i also should know that they cant hurt me. they just want me to believe they can. They also reminded me that i should forgive my stepfather because he just didn’t understand. And i said i know! But like you bob! Im still discovering many things about myself as i grow into who im supose to be. And yes im still afraid a bit but I’m excited as well.

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