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Who the hell am I?!?! PART 2

Who the hell am I?!?! PART 2
One thing that I didn’t realize from that client was that her simple,” Thank you “sent a flaming arrow into my subconscious. It sat there slowly burning. I have tried to put things together ever since then. Again not having the time to spend on it, I just moved forward. Finally after months of it festering in my brain, I awoke one morning wondering Who am I and what is my purpose here on earth?? I’m just one of a 1000; I have no real purpose here. I am just here to be me and I shouldn’t over think it. That day I went to see Brenda, at the request of a new found facebook friend. Brenda’s son had passed in a fire when their house burned down. She was lead to believe it was her cigarettes that started the fire. I saw it was an electrical outlet. That was confirmed by forensics. A firefighter mislead her for his own purposes, she lived with the thought she caused her son’s death for 19 months. It was Brenda’s session that changed everything for me, (see, A Mothers Torment on my webpage or Facebook). But I still felt, I am just one of a 1000.
Many people have come into my life and I have to admit that I have traveled some remarkable journeys. As a matter of fact, just the other day, I received a call from a woman in New Jersey. She told me she was looking for the phone number of a woman who was going to help her. She told me, she Googled something in this realm, to find her. 1000 names came up and all the names were shaded in gray except for mine which was lit up; so she called to find out who I was. I recently wrote about this on my facebook page. We are now both on a journey that is painful and emotional but it is also rewarding & healing.
I think I may be getting it now, maybe, just maybe I’m not just 1 of a 1000. I am sure that I will struggle with this for some time but perhaps, I will have to find a way to accept this all in the end.

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