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Colorful Horses                                                 

I was sitting doing a session with Melissa, one of the souls and the most important soul for Melissa to hear from who came through was her dad.

Her dad gave me several messages about her life and how close to him she was, she took care of him and still missed him quite a bit. He reassured her he was with her telling me about her sons and how one wore a uniform. That was true he is in the service; I believe it was the Air Force. When I told her, I thought it looked a bit more like a police officer, Melissa told me he was in the military police and was hoping to get on the police force in their city.  Melissa’s dad was very confident that is where he would be going.

Dad started showing me very colorful horses, at first, I thought they were thoroughbreds, but that didn’t make much sense to Melissa. I asked the usual when I see horses that don’t make sense. I asked if she went riding horses as a kid, she acknowledged he did put her on horses as a little girl. I also asked if he played the horses as he had indicated earlier, he did play the horses which he did. However, I believe I told her I didn’t think the horses I saw were those horses, they were very colorful; however, at that point I let it go.

Then dad began talking about his son, Melissa’s brother m Sam who is still here and how proud of him he is. When we were finished, we spoke a bit about those horses which neither she of I could make sense of.

The next day Melissa reached out to me to tell me I knew her Brother, Melissa told me Sam owned a restaurant called the Carousal, Sam told her I used to go there when I was a police officer to eat and he knew me. I couldn’t remember him but I did remember the place. I still didn’t put two and two together until the next day… yeah, the next day thing again that happens with me.

All of a sudden, her dad was with me laughing telling me I was clueless, he told me the reason I saw the colorful horses, he was bringing attention to his son, his place and our connection. I texted Melissa to tell her the colorful horses finally made complete sense to me. She purchased one of my books and I told her when we meet, I would explain it.

Prior to us meeting Melissa figured it out, the horses which came in at the same time he was bringing the attention to her brother were Carousal Horses.   

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