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I have to respect the souls and their wishes, sometimes they don’t want me to know who they were while they were here and other times, they want me to meet with their loved ones sooner than I planned. This is about both situations.

I recently did a phone session with someone who had a famous father who came to me. I had no idea who I was speaking too I only get my client’s 1st name which was Alice. Alice called me to do her session once we started a tall man was with me who I knew was her father. Her mom & others came through as well. Her father took over the session. When I told her what was going on she told me it was her father that she wanted to hear from. He was showing me Mole Richardson lights the same type I use for my photography the very same lights used in TV & movies. He took the spotlight turned it on to himself. He went on to dance and be funny as he shows me his relationship with his daughter & added his 2 sons as well.

When we completed the session, the daughter asked if I would like to know who he was, I told her sure if she wants to tell me, I never ask. When she told me I realized what I was getting was right for his personality. I realize now why he didn’t show me who he was. It is twofold, one it’s because if I knew who he was it may have moved the session into allowing some logic about the part of his life I knew & not his life with his daughter, I know very little about famous people so It would not have made that much difference. The second is because who they were doesn’t matter to the loved one as they are mom, dad, sister, or brother to my client that relationship is the only relationship that matters to the souls.

Something else that has changed, I made an appointment with a woman to see me the man she was looking for came through while on the phone with her setting up the appointment, I knew it was her son. We made the appointment for the following Sunday and hung up, when all of a sudden, her son was with me again. He told me his mom couldn’t wait that long & asked me to talk to her sooner. I called her back & set the appointment for the following day.

It was out of my control, he wanted to talk to her right away & my shifting that time was meaningful to his mom. When the souls want something, they get what they want.

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