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                                Cancer-free by February?      

                                                      From Catherine’s dad

     As time went by and my gifts as a caulbearer grew Wayne eventually would ask me how many of his healing were going or went. One such event was his work on Catherine who had stage four cancer throughout her body.

I would give him what I was getting for her when I finally advised him, I should talk to her directly. Catherine was very skeptical of this whole process, especially me but Wayne was able to convince her because the messages he had received from me were accurate.

Catherine agreed to meet with me as skeptical as she was. We met in October, her physicians told her she would not see Christmas or perhaps if she was lucky January.  Once in my zone, Catherine’s father with whom she was very close came through. I was telling Catherine how she would be at peace & not struggling when all of a sudden, I said, “You will be Cancer Free by February”.

I was shocked at what came out of my mouth but was mortified I would say such a thing. I apologized to her I didn’t want to give her false hopes. Our session continued and her messages were of her getting better.

Christmas came & went and she was still alive, we continued to talk on the phone for weeks and the cancer had disappeared. I was amazed at this having just started on this journey. She was happy, however, remained cautiously optimistic. At the beginning of February Catherine called to tell me the cat scan showed 3 cancerous nodules in her stomach. I had a vision of them vaporizing I advised her I saw something on her liver. She said they didn’t see it.

Two days later she called me and told me they found cancer on her liver, I told her I found it not the doctors & I saw a cyst holding poison no cancer. At the end of February Catherine went for surgery to remove the 3 nodules they saw in her stomach. I told her what I had seen but I could not nor would I tell her not to go for surgery which she did at the end of February.

At the beginning of March, Catherine called with the results of her surgery which was no cancer & the “cyst” on her liver was holding dead cancer cells Everything I told her was right.

Catherine lived another 2 or 3 years before her cancer came back, two weeks before she called me to tell me this I knew it was back. Sadly, Catherine told me she had given up on the healings and was putting her faith in alternative liquids. I tried to convince her to get back to Wayne’s healings but being in that medical model she felt the liquid she was taking was the reason her cancer went away. It was also apparent her will to live was not there any longer, something we need to continue to live. Catherine’s story was amazing, it was my 1st serious session.

I know Catherine is now whole & happy and is with her dad.

Bob Buchanan

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