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   I did a session with a man who lost his son with whom he had been close. He was referred to me through someone else. After our session he indicated he was very happy but seem to have a little uncertainty.

 A few days later I got a call from the woman who referred me and she told me he was very happy but questioned whether or not I had googled him. She asked if he gave me his last name. He told her he hadn’t that is when he realized this was all real for him. Having that trust has made our relationship strong. He also realized what he got would never be on Goggle.

I do not have time to answer 20 – 30 emails a day, plus do an average of 3 sessions a day, attempt to write my books & cut my grass, with all that I like to sleep so something has to go & it’s any kind of search.

I had another man call for a session, I asked how he found me he didn’t want to say. I advised him I was just trying to keep track of how people are finding me. He said he was referred. I asked him who, he didn’t want to tell me. Christ, like you are living the same life as the person who referred me, I thought, but I behaved myself & didn’t say it out loud… Ok, we get past that I let it go because I most likely l wouldn’t remember the person who referred me anyway.

The session was great, it came through he was a dentist & he worked with his dad. I got he has issues with relationships, it seemed the souls that came in for him felt he was a jerk something I was beginning to see clearly. We ended and I had a quiet redhead come in so I asked if there was someone, he wanted to talk to who hadn’t come through? He gave me her name I said a redhead quiet loving or whatever I said I can’t honestly remember at this point.  He validated everything then & I remember this like it was yesterday, he cut me off shouting at me she didn’t come through on her own forget it. I attempted to tell him sometimes the souls will wait to be asked for and she was here only in the background. Like I said he was a jerk & it became clear the more he spoke at the end.

Well, needless to say the guy was a complete jerk (I’m being nice here) After he screamed at me about the woman he said,” Thanks for not googling me”, in a way he was sure I did that. He never gave me his last name; I never ask for last names for this very reason… However, he paid via PayPal so you know what I did, yeah you do…. I went got his last name from PayPal and googled him… I was a lot slower then and had the time to do that.

The only thing I found out is he is a Dentist which came out in our session, it never showed up he was in practice with his dad who passed, his dad told me that.

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