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As I started my session with Linda, I had a woman come in, she was on the tall side thin but I heard “mom” twice, I asked Linda if that made any sense, and she said it did.

I asked Linda if her mom had passed and if the description sounded like her mom. She confirmed it sounded like her confirming the description fit. I continued to convey to Linda what mom was telling me about herself. Mom told me she was very intelligent but depressed, as well as she was a teacher, Mom showed me yarn and colorful pillows with designs mostly flowers on them this all made sense to Linda. Linda told me mom crocheted and made the pillows. Mom went on with more messages that confirmed it was her.

There was another woman with her mom as well she was shorter, heaver & Blond. I asked Linda if that made sense for another woman in her life, but she couldn’t identify who the woman was and the woman wasn’t coming through with messages at that time so I let it go for the time being. The woman stayed with me she also said, mom which confused me, not a difficult task believe me.    

It was at this point Grandma came through along with Dad. Grandma was in the kitchen as all grandmothers show me. Yes, as I wrote before, grandmothers make it easier on me which I both need & appreciate. They show me either a lot of food which indicates they cooked a lot, some food which indicates they cooked to eat or with their arms folded which indicates they only made reservations because you couldn’t get them into a kitchen with a team of wild horses, yeah not all grandmothers cooked, I should also add here not all grandmothers were kind & compassionate. Anyway, I digress, grandma told me she was also a teacher which turned out to be accurate. We had a few others come in including an aunt.

Once the souls finished their message about their life with Linda, they opened the window on Linda’s life which is what the Caulbearer does. It is at this point & I am certain as well as my client that all the information they received came from the other side & my client didn’t tell me anything, I asked my client, Linda, in this case, if she had any questions.

 Linda went on to advise me she was adopted and was wondering if her biological parents could come through. I concentrated on asking if they are around and if they could talk to me the blond woman who she couldn’t identify in the beginning came forward again. I told Linda she was here, in the beginning, Linda hadn’t realized who I was talking about which isn’t uncommon. Now the two moms thing is making sense. Linda told me her biological parents were married and wanted to know why they gave her up for adoption.

As I asked her biological mom this question, I was expecting to hear they couldn’t afford to keep her, but I didn’t let that influence where they would take me, that would be the logical thing but logic doesn’t as in life always apply so I shut the thought down & listened. At this point, another man came through saying dad, talk about confusing but hey this whole message thing confuses me. The man was Linda’s biological dad he was a short heavy-set man which Linda confirmed. Linda eventually found out about her biological parent & knew who they were but they too had passed before she could ask them this question. Dad did tell me he was a strict disciplinarian. Once I told that to Linda, she told me they were church people & her mom played the organ. I believe I mentioned something about music in the beginning too but couldn’t remember. Hell, I can’t remember what I had for breakfast that morning, the messages come through me, I don’t remember most of them. If someone was holding me by my feet from the edge of a building and told me they would let me go if I didn’t remember all the messages, I have to say let go.

ANYYWAY!! As she was telling me about the organ, I was getting mom had an affair, I believe it was with the pastor but Linda believed it was another parishioner, but I saw a man with a collar which leads me to believe it was the pastor. Dad had found out about the affair. Mom told me she wasn’t sure if Linda was her husband or the man, she was having the affair with which threw dad into a rage… understandably so.

I was sure Linda was the child of the man married to her mom and was her biological dad. I told that to Linda. She told me she was the spitting image of her biological dad’s mom; her paternal grandmother which confirmed she was the man married to her mom.

  The big question & the reason why Linda did this session was why her biological parents didn’t keep her & gave her up for adoption. I was told it was her biological father’s decision. His punishment for Linda’s biological mom had the affair was her biological dad made her mom give Linda up.

 I believe from what I saw of the biological father he would have been abusive to Linda had they kept her. He would have never been able to accept Linda with all the uncertainty, that was the personality I saw in that man. Linda’s life was so much better with her adoptive parents than it would have ever been had her biological parents kept her.

I am certain that things happen as they should in this life no matter what or how hard that is. We have the power of free will & the power to take control over our lives don’t get me wrong, but it’s all part of the path we travel.      

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