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I received a call from my friend & transformational healer Wayne Gabari to ask me if I could get something on his friend Richie who passed. Wayne advised me he is in touch with Richie’s friend Kathy who lived with him in his house. Wayne told me she felt something move by her and asked if I could get anything on it. I told him I will have to call him back because I need to concentrate on it.

The next day I called Wayne to tell him Richie told me he used to tickle Kathy’s feet while they sat on the couch. Wayne reached out to Kathy to tell her what I got. A little while later Wayne called me back and she confirmed that happened often. She told Wayne they would be sitting on the couch watching TV & he would do that.

Kathy was made the executor of Richie’s will & is getting a lot of pushback from Richie’s 2 daughters who were estranged from Richie & had nothing to do with him for years. Although they were left out of the will on purpose, they are contesting it. Kathy was concerned about that as she is able to live in the house for the next 10 years according to the will but the daughters want her out & wanted to take over the house & property which Richie shared with his brother.

I got that the daughters are wasting their time & the reason was because of the situation with the will which was strong. This turned out to be true.

Wayne brought me to Kathy’s house a few weeks later to meet her. I wasn’t expecting to do a session it was just a meet & greet. But when I was standing there with Kathy her parents came through as well as her grandmother.  She received messages that were important for her to hear, how her mother was proud she came through the troubled waters she had negotiated most of her life. Then Richie came through, he told her she had something coming at her from the family within the next few days. He told her to have confidence in herself & stand strong no matter what.

Three days later don’t you know Wayne calls me to tell me Kathy got a call that the daughters will contest the will, I believe they wanted her to cave. She didn’t she stuck to her guns and they were shot down, no pun intended Richie was a gun guy, that is likely why that sentence just came out of me.

Kathy & I discussed getting together when she has time to do a proper session, not a short impromptu session that not only shocked her but surprised me as well.

We were finished I was outside saying goodbye to Wayne & Kathy, If you know me my goodbyes can take longer than a session, yes as my wife says I am a marathon mouth, I don’t know when to shut up; when all of a sudden as I was walking to my car, I saw Richie doing a funny dance, I turned to Kathy & told her “Richie is doing an Irish Gig,” she laughed she said he did that all the time at parties & other gatherings. When she heard that she was relieved to know he is in a good place now. I advised her he was doing that to let her know he had lost his ability to move toward the end of his life & wanted her to know he is whole now, and still has his sense of humor.

With respect to me not being able to find my keys, Kathy asked me if I knew where Richie’s .32 cal. Gun was. Richie said mattress, and we went & checked his mattress… nope not there, he said a draw, nope… he was screwing with me I believe that was his nature. I’m sure that gun will show up at some time.

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