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Every day we wake up we have 2 choices, 1 – make today a good day & find the good in life, or 2 – this will be a bad day and make no effort to change that ….. that choice is yours. no one else, do not surrender your life to toxic people who may attempt to control you and your life.

Don’t get me wrong you don’t have to jump up dancing, yeah that would be weird, I have done that that’s how I know (there’s a vision you will not be able to get rid of especially knowing I sleep in the nude). Just change how you see things and approach them.

My main focus for this piece is the folks who are in situations, and relationships, either work or personal, and believe they will always stay the same.

I have clients, well I have many with the same point of view, they believe their life will never change and the way things are today is the way they are now is the way it will always be. One client of mine was very unhappy at work and like most people, she could not change the situation for some time. Her boss had a vendetta against her because the boss aligned herself with someone who was always trying to interfere in my client’s life. My client had that situation under control but it compounded when that person ingratiated himself with the boss and the boss sided with that person. I told my client things would change and the boss would see who this guy was. I got pushback from my client that I was wrong and this is the way things will always be she had to find a new job giving her many years at the job & start new somewhere else.

Sure enough, the boss eventually saw who that guy is and now she is making up to my client and things at work got better as I told her they would.

I always try to stay optimistic and realized that today is gonna be a great day for me, how do I know, I just saw Klondike is not going to discontinue the Choco Taco yes this is a good day already.

See it doesn’t take much just the little things can make a difference in your life.

Important note: I understand some people experience life-changing events, but this is not what I am addressing it’s about learning to live day to day without projection. Projecting on your life is usually wrong, it can set you up for a bad day or even a bad life.

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