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                  I always ask clients to say yes, no or maybe to any question I ask. The reason is I do not want clients to tell me anything, the messages have to come from the souls. If I allow the client to talk about the messages, I get will be either weak or influenced by what my client tells me.

I recently did a session with a very successful businessman who was recommended to me, by another client. He called me to make an appointment and when he did he told me he was in a very bad place both in a business sense & family. I told him to allow the souls to tell me what was going on & I asked him to say no more which he did.

During our session, I saw he was having issues with 2 men at work. He acknowledged that to be true. I saw a paper & told him there was an issue with a contract, which was true. He told me there was an issue that had nothing to do with him. I told him that it was one of the two who kicked him out of the project & the other wasn’t happy with his partner for doing that. He told me that isn’t true because those two are very close, “as thick as thieves”. I told him things were going to revert back to the original deal I went against what he was telling me and continued with the messages. Two days later I get a text telling me some of the things were back in place with the project. I told him to hang in it was going to go back to hold onto his position. A day later I received a text telling me everything was back to the original deal as I said. Because he insisted, I was wrong & told me why I was wrong made it tough to stay on message, but I did.

I then turned to his family issue. I asked the souls to tell me what was going on. I was told he said things he shouldn’t have to his sister-in-law at dinner. She got up & left as she should have. He told me his brother with whom he is close will never talk to him again. I told him I saw them putting this all behind them. He insisted this wouldn’t ever get better. I told him I saw the number 3 and because of what he was telling me this matter would be healed in 3 weeks or3 months. Three days later he sends me a text telling me they all had dinner together & they accepted his apology. I may have said three days had he not made things sound worse than they were I am glad I held strong on the 3, timing isn’t always correct over there.

    I always stay with the messages I get, as hard as it is. This isn’t always easy because logic seeps in when it shouldn’t because of what a client says. It is also important to the client to know they didn’t tell me anything and what they get is from the souls. This is the reason I insist on yes, no or maybe answers until I ask my client if they have questions.  

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