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I can’t begin to tell you how often I am working somewhere and someone will come in express to me they felt they had to come in but don’t know why. Yeah, that happens to me when I go into the kitchen but can’t remember why I went there… LOL, that isn’t what I am talking about.

I have had on several occasions someone walk into a store where I was working and say, they saw the sign on the building and had a feeling they needed to come in. One time a woman was confused as to why she was there & expressed that to the owner. As she was talking to the owner a woman came to me telling me she needed to find her passion (see page 75 in my book They Speak Through Me, messages from beyond).

I have recently begun to do TikTok posts, I did a video on how we shouldn’t judge everything by the way it is today and worry things will never change. The truth is things are always changing and we do have control over our lives, it is up to us to bring about the change we need in our lives.

Several hours after I did that post, one of my clients Tina saw it & it resonated with her. Now like going into the kitchen & forgetting why I was there I rarely remember the sessions I give. I will remember bits & pieces but not the whole thing they come through me and don’t stay with me. The souls do that so I don’t get stuck on something and listen to all the messages they are about to bring to my client.

Tina was stuck and can’t seem to move on she was feeling things were never going to change for her so she felt the need to reach out to me for another session. Her messages were what she needed, she told me they gave her hope & the strength to move forward and not worry about being stuck.

This is what I do, it is my calling I help guide my client through messages from the souls, they direct me on what my client needs I do not control them. I tell people when we start the souls will tell you what they want you to hear not what you want to hear. If you want to hear what you want to hear go drinking with a buddy, I’m not your guide & I honor that.


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