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                                       DADS COWBOY HAT

     I was doing a phone session with Deena from Texas, as we stated I had her grandmother, her grandfather her aunt, and her dad all come through for her. Her dad was the strongest in the group. Deena was very close to her dad who had just passed ten months prior to our session.

When Dad came in he was wearing a hat, Seeing hats is a very rare occurrence and when I see them it’s not a big deal. the soul just stands there talking with the hat on and I don’t bring up the hat from that point on. However, Dad kept taking his hat on and putting it back on again, and at one point handed it to me.

At the beginning of our session, I saw fishing poles, I told this to Denna and asked if she went fishing with Dad which she had.

Once we got into what I call opening the window on my client Dad kept telling Deena to get back up on her horse & ride again, he was also showing me horses. When I told that to Deena I asked if she rode horses with Dad, she said she thought so but couldn’t remember. My interpretation of this was she was feeling depressed and not doing enough to find her happiness and sense of humor. When I asked if that made sense to her, she told me it made perfect sense.

 Then I started to see fishing poles again, as another man came in. It turned out to be Deena’s uncle her dad’s brother. The two fished together often while they were here. Dad wanted Deena to know he is in a good place which was a concern of hers. Grandma showed me a marang pie, Dad was right there with her I thought was a lemon marang pie. She told me it was most likely a coconut marang, I’m sure it was, as that was Dad’s favorite pie but I couldn’t be sure in the movie, all I saw was a pie with the marang.

As we finished, I asked her about the horses, usually when I see them it was an important part of their life together. She laughed and told me she is trying to decide if she should buy a horse to ride, now.

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