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I let people know this, especially on social media, I simply can’t trust it
and if I can’t trust it, I simply can’t connect because I am never sure if it’s
someone who wants to play me & try to make me look bad. I know, I should
know who or if someone would be doing that but I don’t & I’m not draining
my energy when I can simply avoid it.

Seriously, if some jerk wants me to look bad no matter how right I am they
will deny it, it’s sad but all this electronic crap has let the world of psychotic
people have free rein over it, and let’s face it who has all the time in the
world to sit their mother’s basement sitting on their little laptop with a poor
little cat sitting lost in their fat laps just looking for stuff to get them recognition.
So yeah no, I’m not dealing with that, as the Wizard of Oz would say, no way,
no how.

  That being said, I was emailing a potential client when suddenly
there was a male soul looking over my shoulder talking to me giving me a little
information about the woman, I was writing to book an appointment. She told me
in her original email she was a little nervous about if someone would come
through or not, yeah, that’s not uncommon with so many fakes out there who
either can’t connect or make believe they are connecting. Talk about (psychotic,
that’s a whole nother subject for another time).

  I described the man and asked her if the man
that was with me made sense to her &and asked her not to tell me who he was,
she confirmed he did in her next email to me which took a day… As I was
answering her email in which she confirmed she thought she knew who he was there
was a woman with me as well. I told her about the woman she asked me, if she
was with the man, I told her they were together. I wasn’t in my zone, and I
never am when it comes to email, she didn’t respond about the woman she just
accepted my answer, so I was unsure if the woman who came to me made sense of
my potential client. Do you see how tedious it is through email, the connection
gets broken, it is very difficult for me as I never want to let anyone down, I
just can’t be sure one way or the other in cases like this.

We made the appointment for a week later & I wondered who the souls were
although I thought it may have been her dad, it wasn’t her dad.

During our phone session, the man who was with me in email came back to me,
it was her brother, he told me he died suddenly and didn’t know what hit him,
he died in the World Trade Center attack. He told me he was hit by the plane
that hit the center, which made sense to her, she was relieved to her it was
sudden and he didn’t suffer. The woman was her mother, or her grandmother both
who came through as well I saw in the movie they were playing for me they were feeding
her brother, and she got a kick out of that.


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