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In my last video, I spoke about writing an email to Susan who was looking to set up an appointment. I spoke about the soul of a man coming through to me, I let my client know what was going on and described the man. She wrote back saying it made sense and followed my direction she did not tell me who she thought he was.  As I was answering that email a woman came to me, I told her about the woman. She was curious if the man & woman were together, I told her they were but that was all she said about the woman.

 This is the update to that post;

During our phone session, the man who was with me in email came back to me, it was her brother, he told me he died suddenly and didn’t know what hit him. It looked to be an accident in the movie he was playing, but he died in the World Trade Center attack. When we hit the part of the session where I ask my clients if they have any questions, is when she told me her brother died in the World Trade Center Attack in 2001. He wanted to make sure she knew he was hit by the plane that hit the center, which made sense to her, she was relieved to hear it was sudden and he didn’t suffer. The woman who came through the second email was her mother, both her mom and grandmother came through in the session. Part of what I saw in the movie they were playing for me during the session, was Mom and Grandma feeding her brother, Susan laughed and got a kick out of that.

Susan told me during other sessions her brother hadn’t come through for her before, it was a relief he came through and let Susan know he didn’t suffer and he is in a good place with the others enjoying good food.

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