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Dad showed me a one Dollar Bill

During a session with Donna, Donna’s dad who she was very close to took out a crisp new dollar bill held it straight out in a clear colorful vision.  It was a very strong movie and when the black and white movie turns to color and strong it is meaningful.

I told Donna about the movie and she said it didn’t mean anything to her. I asked if she was finding money. Generally, when I do see a soul pulling money out of their pockets it’s a symbol they are leaving money around. I asked if she was finding quarters or dimes, she said she wasn’t.

I moved on to other messages but the image of the dollar bill was still with me. When we finished the session and her messages Donna, myself and her sister who was there were talking. The stories they told were mostly about their dad.

Then it happened, Donna started to tell us her dad kept one -dollar bills stuffed in the pockets on the side of both doors of his car hidden by napkins. Donna continued to tell us she found out about them and how she used to sneak a few singles from him off the door sometimes.

I turned to her and asked her, what did you say? I told her that was exactly what dad was telling her when he held out the dollar. He told her he knew she was sneaking the money and he was ok with it.

This isn’t unusual, I give clients a message or tell them about the movie and they just don’t put two and two together. This is why I stay with what I am shown or told by the souls and not my client. That is tough for me as some of my clients argue with me or insist it doesn’t make sense, but I stick to the messages from the souls who have always been right.

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