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I was doing a session with Mary, her sister-in-law referred her to me. During our session, her dad who had just passed came through immediately. He was clearly the one she was most interested in talking to and he didn’t disappoint her.

As anyone who knows me, knows I do not remember the messages I give, they just come through me. All I remember are the sensational things that happen during a session. That is why I never talk much about all messages that come through, which honestly, I wouldn’t even if I could remember them.

During my session with Mary, we sat at the kitchen table, there were things on the table and if I remember right one was a paper clock that one of her kids made. Well, the whole time, I kept playing with that or moving my hands. I felt it was rude and attempted to stop, I couldn’t.  I tried but for some reason, I couldn’t. I had to stay in my zone so I stopped worrying about my hand movement and continued with her messages from her dad. Once the messages were completed, I was able to stop moving my hands.

When we ended, she asked if I always moved my hand like that? I told her no for some reason I could not stop. She chuckled and told me her dad always did exactly what I was doing.  It all made complete sense now, her dad was moving my hands, I didn’t feel him, but she was skeptical and needed something to know it was him that was talking to me & he was wanted to make sure she knew.

A few months later, it was happening again, I woke p moving my hands, honestly, it was annoying, I had her dad with me again. Then all of a sudden, I hear from her sister-in-law, I actually thought it was her. I told her what happened, she reached out to Mary to have her get in touch with me which she did. She got more messages from her dad.

These types of things do not always happen, actually most of the time they don’t, I write about it when they do to show how I get validation from the souls… and convince me it actually happens, LOL I know I’m not supposed to say that, but what can I say I have to be honest.

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