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Yesterday for the first time ever I did a Gallery on the phone with a family. Linda who I had done a session before, booked a session for her and her sister on the phone.

When Linda called not only was her sister Lucy on the call but their husbands as well. Doing the session Linda and Lucy’s dad came through as the strongest soul. Several others came through as I asked for souls for their husbands to come through as well. I always want souls and messages for everyone in the room when doing galleries.

I wasn’t disappointed everyone had someone come through with small messages. Dad came through strong & showed me the room they were sitting and several other things that helped them know he was there in the room with them. As usual, I do not remember much of what I got for them but they got what they needed.

After the session, Linda asked me to text my PayPal account to her so she could pay me. As she did that dad showed me a woman with frosted hair. I never met Linda in person so I asked if someone had frosted hair thinking it was her because we were texting, yes Linda, in fact, had frosted hair. I said to dad that’s not fair, how about Lucy. He showed me a woman with black hair I sent a text asking about black hair, the moment it sent I saw reddish hair and I corrected the text. Sure enough, Lucy has reddish hair.

Dad was a character, that is an understatement, this morning when I woke, I heard stairway to heaven by Led Zeppelin in my head. I reached out to Linda, that was indeed a song dad liked, they played it at his wake among others.

It’s important to say here although the session went well which Linda validated, it was a greater struggle for me to get the messages & keep things straight. I believe other souls were there that didn’t show me who they were along with the ones who did identify themselves, but dad was the one they wanted to hear from while he dominated, he didn’t block the others from coming through, the souls never block others from coming through. That being said the souls do know who my clients want to hear from and will allow that soul to talk when that is the case.

NOTE: in the video I referred to Led Zeppelin’s song “stairway to heaven” as Highway to heaven, I am sorry for the mistake.  

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