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Sometimes when the movie plays, I expect what I am seeing to continue to develop in the direction it started moving toward, then suddenly it takes a turn and I get something I never expected.

The first time this happened was with a client who is from Italy.  Sam approached me at the trap club where we both participated in a league shoot. He told me he had heard that I do this and was wondering if we could meet and talk., I never talk about what I do at the club as most do not believe in it. So, you can understand when Sam approached me, I was shocked. When we did speak which was rare, we talked about shooting. I had no idea his brother died he never spoke about it to anyone at the club Sam is a very Private man.

When Sam and I sat down, the movie started and I was getting quite a bit for him, his mother and father showed up along with his grandmother. Sam was getting messages from them all. The whole time during the session he had his side to me and wasn’t looking at me, he didn’t say anything except yes when I asked the rare question if it made sense to him, I asked him to not talk as I do with everyone but his demeanor had me concerned.  This made me a bit uncomfortable, I was also feeling the messages may be off, but I continued on.

As we were finishing, I asked if he was alright, he told me he was but had not heard from someone he wanted to hear from. As always, I told him to give me the first name only of who he wanted to hear from. He told me, John, just as he said that I had a man slowly come in. I described the man to Sam and told him he said brother, Sam did confirm it was his brother.

I saw his brother hanging, Sam started to cry and told me he hung himself, Sam told me his brother hung himself in the barn, he said he put his shoes on the rafter above him by the rope then hung himself. His brother John was showing me he and a partner sold granite. They were part of the mafia as were the politicians in town. The brother showed how corrupt those around him were including his partner were. Sam’s brother John told me he wanted out he told his partner who was slowly cutting him out of the business, that he was going to the Federal authorities.

I then saw several men come to take John out to the barn tried to talk to him but he stood firm, they threw the rope over the rafters but he fought them. At that point, one of the men got impatient and shot him in the chest with a shotgun. They then hung him to make it look like a suicide.

As I told Sam about what I was seeing in the movie, he confirmed a few things, one was he sold granite, he had a dishonest partner who was stealing from the business. He told me the town he lived in was corrupt run by the Mafia. He also told me his brother told him he was out and going to the authorities.

After I told Sam, John was shot in the chest with a shotgun. Sam told me in Italy they view the bodies at the hospital not, the funeral home. Sam realize what had happened in the hospital was now making sense. Sam told me when he went to see his brother’s body in the hospital, he was told he could not touch the body which angered Sam. Against advice, Sam put his hand on John’s chest. He told me there was nothing there it was like touching Jell-O.  At that moment John’s shirt shifted and Sam saw a perfect round hole at the base of his neck which he now believes was a buckshot hole.

As I went on it was all coming together for Sam, he realizes he was murdered and who murdered him made sense. Sam was angry at his sister-in-law because she didn’t turn the guys in. I explained they threatened her & her kids, if she did, they would kill all of them, that eased Sam’s anger toward her.

Sam didn’t come to me to see if his Brother committed Suicide or was murdered, he wanted to know why he did it and why John didn’t reach out to him to get help. Sam was very angry at his brother for taking his own life, which he now knows he didn’t do.

Last week I had two clients who came to me for the same reason, they wanted to know why their brothers committed suicide. Neither even brought up their brothers, they came to me. I saw them murdered in the movie. I saw head injuries in both with a lot of blood. Once we finished the session they filled in some minor blanks. One told the person who sent her to me she thought maybe as a friend I was telling her what she wanted to hear. One I never tell ANYONE what they want to hear, two she isn’t a friend, she is a client from out of state. Those who have had sessions with me know I don’t ask questions and I don’t let anyone tell me anything so how would I know what she wanted to hear.

I am not here to tell people what they want to hear, I am here to tell them what the souls want them to hear. Very often they get what the need to hear, which is very often what they wanted to hear.

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