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All my life even before I knew what was actually going on with me I would get these feelings, a voice, I never understood. It showed me what was coming and, what I needed to understand preparing me for what was coming. I understand everyone gets the feeling the Jane is going to call or you were thinking about her & she does, no it’s nothing like that at all, the voice is on steroids compared to that.

I could never understand it, but it would happen with every presidential race since Carter, I knew he was going to lose big and that was about his second year and I wasn’t the least bit political. I knew Obama was going to be president before he beat Hillary in the primary.

For a lack of a better term I am now calling this the Bobby Ojeda feeling. The story behind that is I was hired by and ad agency to do a shoot with Bobby. I had absolutely no idea who he was as I wasn’t following Baseball at all. For those of you who don’t know who he is, he was a pitcher for the NY Mets. We were at Shea Stadium we went into the locker room at the end of the shoot to finish the project. At that point Bobby told me they were headed to the world series the following week. I had no idea the world series was coming up, thats how far removed I was from baseball. As soon as he told me that I heard that voice & got that feeling , a knowing they were going to take it all … and they did. The curve ball for me was that feeling kept going from they shouldn’t win it to they will win it. I was told today as I write this it was a miracle that they won because of an error, it all came together when my friend told me that.

About 3 weeks ago I got that same feeling when all this Covid 19 stuff started. The feeling was we would be out of this in 4, I saw the number 4. I felt that was April. Now that feeling kept nagging me and honestly I was fearful it was just wishful thinking. I didn’t say anything to except a few people who I could trust. Then I heard on the radio about how Sylvia Brown, she predicted this in 2007 a flu like illness would come in 2020 and go away as quick as it came. That was my sign, it was exactly what I was seeing, but I kept quiet about it still looking for more signs.

As the news got more and more negative I began to worry again that this time it was wrong, then it happened. I started getting the impatient feeling as the talking heads were out there talking about what was going to happen like it would be eighteen months or more before we could expect to start to come out of this. That impatience feeling hit me and I’m yelling back at the TV, no it’s not going to be that long, but still concerned about saying anything.

Suddenly the news began to break; a drug that has been around for 70 years was working on this virus as well as much better news on drugs and events. All these new unexpected events began to confirm what I have been feeling. We must look at the good side of things not the negative, it is what I am doing with this.
I am taking a very large risk by putting this out there but no matter what people need hope to counter the depression they are going through. We will see by the end of April it that train as I see it will leave the tunnel and move into the light.

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