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I was on the phone with a client/friend Maria. As we were talking about things in general she told me a mutual friend Lucy a card reader/hypnotist had just call for their daily phone call. Maria told me she and Lucy sends their love. I responded via text Maria send “Lucy” my love as well. However, instead of Lucy, the name Henry came up I didn’t notice it until Maria said jokingly maybe that Lucy’s middle name.

I looked at the text and realized it wasn’t what I wrote, even auto correct would not have come up with Henry, lucky lou maybe, not Henry. I asked Maria if Henry meant anything to her, she said no, I told her to ask Lucy.

Well, yes it did, he was an old childhood friend of Lucy’s with whom she had only been in contact with on facebook. Then I realized this mistake is like when talking to someone and something come out of my mouth I didn’t mean to say, it was the same thing. Well, Henry passed away a few months ago.

Then I was seeing a man about 5’7″ bald on top with a good sense of humor, easy going but was intense when it came to business. Lucy Acknowledge it sounded like him. I gave her a few more details and it made sense to Lucy. He showed me him doing a waltz, Lucy said that didn’t make sense. I told her he was showing us he has movement again which seems to have made sense. Henry came in to say hello because Lucy never got a chance to say good bye.

Here’s the thing about all this. I do not like to do sessions through any kind of electronic media, but not only did Henry get through on electronic media, he came through on a text where I wasn’t actually connected directly to Lucy. That was a 1st for me, it was very interesting and now I realize I have to be open to anything happening.

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