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We live our live worrying about dying. We worry about what we eat, what we drink, we exercise to prevent us from dying. We do this so much we have forgotten how to live or enjoy life. 

Worry about others is another thing I see often; this is projection which keeps us stuck in a place that prevents us seeing the good side of life.

At some point something will happen in our lives no matter what we do, we will not be able prevent it. That is when you will look back and realize how much you missed in life and wish you had these days back.

My point is live your life, start today, don’t wait until tomorrow, tomorrow may be too late, don’t worry about it just live in today do what you can to make your life good.

Worry has never prevented anything from happening … except for you enjoying this life.

Yesterday is gone learn from it if you live in it you can not live in today, it’s a waste of time you will not change the past and have no regrets about the past, just learn from it.

Do not live in tomorrow because Tomorrow is never coming, plan for it don’t live for it.

Today is all we have.

Bob Buchanan

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