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The souls guide wildlife, birds often, to you. My road is a rural road, mostly woods with a few homes. This is not a habitat in which bluebirds live. I have been working with bluebirds at the Rockefeller State Park as a volunteer for many years. I survey the nest boxes keeping track of the eggs, chicks and fledglings. When opening the nest, the parent bird will take off to a tree far off in the distance. I tell you this first because I am about to tell you what happened one Sunday morning when I was in a bad way. I was walking my dog, Chunk, up the road when I noticed a bird sitting a few feet off the road. Birds that close and that size, are usually a chickadee or a tufted titmouse. They are brave little guys and will stay close to you. But as I looked harder, I saw it was a bluebird. I was surprised, no, shocked! I have lived here for a very long time and have never seen a bluebird in this area; it’s simply not their habitat. As I moved closer to get a better look, fully expecting this bird to keep its distance, a dozen or more bluebirds came flying, landing 10 feet or less from me. They were just sitting there. I quickly reached for my cell phone to grab a photo. As I fumbled with the phone about to take the shot, Chunk pulled me. Many of the birds took off flying as I hit the shutter. Fortunately, I was able to get a few in the shot. I felt some pressure in my chest as this was taking place and I knew it was a sign. But with ego involved, I just couldn’t get a clear message as to the meaning. I texted a friend, medium Sheri Perbeck (one of the few I trust) from North Carolina, to ask her. She came back with death. It scared the hell out of me. 38 They Speak Though Me I asked if it was me who will die, as I don’t see when death is coming. She simply wrote back, nope. I decided to check out the totem on the bluebird to understand the symbolism. In part, this is what I found. If a Bluebird comes into your life, look for opportunities to touch the joyful and intrinsically native aspects of yourself that you may have lost touch with. Much of what I read was very fitting for me at that point in my life. I know now it was the souls who surround me that sent the bluebirds to let me know they are there for me. I found this very comforting. It turned out that the death Sheri saw was that a part of my life changed; a death in a sense of the old giving way to the new.

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