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As I write this, we are in the middle of the Covid10 epidemic at least that is what they are telling us. I do get the distinct feeling that this is the end of this mess.

The way this feeling happens is twofold. First, I hear this subtitle voice that tells me things. The best example I can give although it is not the only time this happens is when there is a Presidential Election. I will hear who will win it and thus far it has never been wrong. During the democratic primary between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama I knew Obama not only would win the primary I knew he would win the Presidency and that was right on.

Instead of going through all that I began calling it the Bobby Ojeda feeling. This came about when as a professional photographer I received an assignment from an ad agency to photograph him for an ad. At that time, I wasn’t following baseball at all. He was a wonderful guy to work with easy-going and a good conversationalist. Bobby who was a pitcher for the NY Mets at the time I believe was 1986 told me they were going into the World series the following week. I had no idea who Bobby was or that there was a world series coming up until I met him. Just as he told me that, that feeling came over me saying they will take it all. Now I did have these gifts but wasn’t acknowledging them at the time because I didn’t know what I had. Sure enough, they took it all that year. So now when I get these messages, I call it the Bobby Ojeda feeling.

 Well, in March of this year I predicted the COVID19 issue would be somewhat resolved by mid-April & so far it has been going just as I said it has.  

Last night I felt all the negative energy around this Drain out of me and the voice telling me this is in fact over they are being overly cautious and politics is now keeping this alive, plus we are being lied to. I heard the voices telling me this as well, I also am getting the impatience feeling which also happens when something I know is happening isn’t coming fast enough.

So, I am getting the triple whammy. We shall see what comes of this if I am right, perhaps we will never know but if all my instincts that are kicking in at once are right, we will find out the truth.  I believe it will be a very good year & we will understand that soon.

Bob Buchanan

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