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I was on line when I received a notice from someone who liked me on my facebook page. Alice notified me she is also a Caulbearer and was wondering if I could assist her with what she was experiencing as a caulbearer.

As I explained to her we all have different gifts but I would work with her. We spoke in messenger as she was telling me about her visions, I realized her visions as they often are were symbolic. As we continued to talk, I had a woman who I was sure was her Grandmother acme through giving me messages for her.

Her grandmother told me Alice had some serious issues to work through. Alice acknowledged this all made sense. I don’t know what will happen with her session coming up but I hope we can get her on the other side of this.  I know now it was her Grandmother who brought her to me.

Another situation, I was working in a metaphysical store. It was a rainy awful day we were dead when a woman, Patty, came in. She told the owner she was driving past the store when she figured she should come in for some reason. Patty had no idea why but said as long as she is here, she should buy some crystals. As soon s she waked in I had a woman with me. I wasn’t sure who the woman was but I was hearing mom so I figured it was mom but I don’t do what I call the blind side and give people messages with out them asking for them. Grandma was beating e up telling me Patty needed to get her Passion back.

So as I watched her picking crystals and putting them down on the counter telling grandma I needed a sign to talk to her. At that point Patty said, I think I need another crystal. There it was. I told her, buy something pink for passion. Now I know nothing about crystals, I’m just not a new agie guy. Patty looks at me and said how did I know that? I told her a woman was with me I though was he mom. I described her and Patty told it was her grandmother. Patty and I had a session where Patty received some very important messages for her life at that moment.

I never really remember messages I only remember actual events that take place here. I have many examples but I will leave it here.

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