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Many who come to me seek information about their future. They want to know if they are going to be successful at one thing or another.  Seeing that is completely up to the souls, at times I see something will work for my client. I have seen a successful career at writing, art, and a book; however, this isn’t always the case there just is no way to control what I get. I am cautious because what I see doesn’t always happen at least not in the time frame my client would like it too.

I am only capable of hearing what the souls want me to hear and although I hear, you can be successful from time to time at whatever it is you are seeking it’s up to you, my client to do the work. The souls will give me messages on where they want you to go or where you can go but it is very important to understand when souls give us a message that you are headed in the right direction and how to get you started in the right direction you are to achieve your success. This isn’t permission for you to sit back and wait for the souls to do it for you.

The souls can only guide us, yes, they will influence what will happens in our lives by closing or opening doors. We should keep in mind no matter what the message, we cannot wait for something to happen. It is up to us to do the work necessary to get what you want out of life. We have free will and we have to understand that & respect it.

Simply said, what happens in our lives; is up to us to make it happen. Take the hope you get from the message and push forward, they will be behind us pointing the way, do not expect it to be easy, it can be a hard road more often than not, so stay with it & keep going.

As you do, keep going, keep an open mind always realize as thing progress that you may be moving in a different direction you had hoped to move, if that happens just go with it, see where you end up. Learn to dance as I call it never give up, never get discouraged, the souls will be with you guiding you the whole way.

It is up to us to make our lives what they are, only you can change things provided you never give up.

Bob Buchanan

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