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Malory called me to tell me her step father just passed from cancer and wondered if he had anything he wanted to tell her about the upcoming memorial.

Mark was like a father to her; he was respected by her entire family especially her kids who did what they could for him while he was sick. He was a loving man which also came through.

He gave me several messages for her most I can’t remember which is normal as the souls speak through me and I just pass on the messages as I hear them.

I did let Malory know Mark told me her would let everyone know he was there through something electronically, although, I wasn’t sure what it would be but he said she would know when it happened it was him.

I got a text from Malory when the memorial had ended that day, she advised me. All of a sudden there was an issue with the streaming,” I assume it was the microphone acting up at the very beginning. The Canter fixed it, then as soon as the ceremony started a” Hugh explosion of snow started for a few minutes, then suddenly the sun came out.”

I have no doubt that was Mark letting everyone know he was in a good place and the pain and suffering he was suffering was gone. The heavy snow represented his suffering the sudden light was his passing and is now in the light with his wife. The streaming was to make sure everyone knew he was there in case they didn’t he sent the crazy weather.

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