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I received a phone call from my client Micky. Mickey is a retired police detective from a major city here in NY. He has been a client for some time and has referred many clients to me. When I picked up the phone Mickey in an excited voice told me his nephew Jo hn was killed in Georgia by the police.  

 He told me he was having a difficult time accepting this because the kid was a good kid. In full disclosure being a retired cop myself, I do everything I can to give them the benefit of the doubt as does Mickey. I asked him to give me a minute and I will see if I could get something on it.

I went into my zone and the movie started to play, I told him I saw a knife, he may have had a knife and went after the cops, I was begging, yes begging the souls to give me more but I can’t make them talk, they will give me what they want, the best way I can explain it if you’re married, it’s like trying to convince your wife to tell you what you did to make her mad, but I digress.

Mickey told me no way, this kid liked cops and was a good kid who had issues but was better and, he would never do anything like that. I told him I had to stay with what I was getting. I told him I keep seeing a knife, telling Mickey, “There is something about a knife he may have gone after the cops.” I wasn’t completely convinced that happened though. The confusion for me was the way John was holding the knife. He wasn’t holding it in an aggressive way, he was holding in a manor which someone would present it to you in the palm of his hand. That maybe why I couldn’t figure out exactly why he was showing me the knife other than he had a knife or there was a knife involved in this incident. Mickey thanked me and we left it there, I think he was upset with me. I told him not to get ahead of this it could mean something else wait and see.

I received a call from Mickey several months after our initial phone call. He told me he just got the Medical Examiner’s report. He continued to tell me, he couldn’t “Fucking believe it” Mickey continued to remined me I told him there was a knife involved with Johns being killed. He said, “Bob, you told me you saw a knife, I didn’t believe it because my nephew wouldn’t do that. He continued, well, there was a photo of a broken silver knife on the hood of the police car. He couldn’t understand why that was in the ME’s report but it was. It was also revealed that the broken knife belonged to one of the cops and it also stated that one of the cops was planning on planting the knife on his nephew after he was shot.

I believe the reason that didn’t occur is because witnesses or possibly even one of the cops on the scene would reveal the truth along with the body cam footage.

This a perfect example of how I see things, his nephew was telling me they were trying to plant that knife to make it look like he was going after them. We don’t have the full story, and I don’t know if we ever will, but I was seeing a cop who overreacted to the situation and pulled the trigger.

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