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I had an event planned at the Fiddlers Green Tavern in Carmel NY. This is the first large event I have ever done. As usual, prior to the even I began to get nervous worrying that no souls would come to me with messages for their loved one at the event. Okay, this isn’t unusual for me, I am always concern I may let my clients down.

The day of the event the pressure was building, in the morning I was praying like a madman to Mary, Jesus and the divine spirits to please bring someone in. On top of that Patty who set up the event told me she got two guys to come. Well, that added to my performance anxiety, I was concerned she may have pushed these guys to come and they may get drunk and cause issues. That is the worry voice that sometimes come to me. However, I was sure someone would be creating an issue if not them someone else.

    The event was planned for 6:30 PM, at 1:00 PM, I asked who would like to come to me. It was at that point a young man came to me to tell me his mother would be there. This is something I always do and it always works.

     When the event began, I stood up and started to do my intro on how I work. About half way into that the kid was with me again. At the end of my intro I said, “Someone here lost a child.” I looked down to my right as the woman sitting to my right began to raise, he hand. I said a girl at first then change it to a boy. She confirmed she lost a son; the messages were coming very fast for her. She had her two sisters with her. Her son was also giving me messages for one sister he was funny breaking her chops. He had both his mom and aunt laughing. I then asked about the other sister, he didn’t give me much just a few messages for her. I said to the third aunt, you weren’t close to him were you. She confirmed that as true, I gave her a few messages and moved on.

    I went to two women sitting to the right of the third sister, I was having trouble connecting with the two women, I felt the energy was off, so I prayed to Mary again, it was at that point the souls came in and both women got messages.

   The next two who received messages were Patty’s friends. They were boyhood friends; their dads came through for them both. The messages were powerful and both got a lot out of their messages.

   It was a tough long night it ended up eighteen of the twenty people got messages. I was very happy it was an eventful night for everyone.

   When the event ended Patty informed me that the third sister was telling everyone she is a medium and was trying to give people messages and handing out her card. Especially the two women sitting to her right where I had issues connecting. There it is I thought that is what I was seeing as an issue going to happen that night and she was it.

I was shocked that another medium I didn’t know without permission was approaching the event attendees to sell herself. That caused me connection issues and a minor disruption at my even. That is unethical and inappropriate.  Something I would never even consider. I am not going to disparage her but I strongly feel she had no gifts. I am glad Patty waited until it was over to tell me this, Knowing me as I do it could have gotten ugly.

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