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During a large group session at the Fiddlers Green Pub in Carmel NY, twenty people attended my gallery session. When I do any event, I try to get messages for everyone there, granted they are not full messages but they will be messages important to the person receiving them. Some will get more than others perhaps it could be just someone who passed they wanted to know was all right.

About midway into the session, I was called to three women who were sitting together. Two of them were getting strong messages from a soul for each one, and the third I was struggling with, I felt she wanted to hear from someone who wasn’t coming through or she wasn’t putting together what I was telling her. That happens and as I said it was a large group. I was about to move on to others when out of the corner of my eye, I saw something fall onto the floor. It didn’t seem to come off the table, honestly, I wasn’t paying that much attention because I was involved in giving messages. I didn’t know where it came from, however, when I was finished with them, or so I thought, I felt I had to look down which I did. There at my feet was a letter, I picked it up and looked at it when one of the women realized what it was. She asked for it, I handed it to her, and she immediately said it was in her purse and asked how it fell on the floor. She continued to say it was from Gary a friend of all three of them. She said he was who they wanted to hear from, once she said that Gary started with the messages, one thing I do remember, he let them know he was whole again, he showed me he was the life of the party so to speak.

They were thrilled he came through because they were concerned, he wouldn’t and when other souls came through, I’m sure they were even more concerned. I know Gary saw that & took that letter from the woman’s pocketbook and made sure I found it.

I had no idea why that would have happened the way it did until I was writing this piece. Gary is with me letting me now he was somewhat of a prankster and was teasing the women, it was when Gary thought I wasn’t getting him he realized he’d pushed it too far. That is when he grabbed the letter & dropped it at my feet, he is also telling me he loved to make a grand entrance. He sure did that.

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