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I was sitting with three family members in a gallery session. I spoke about this in my last post where Dawn hired me to do the gallery with her husband Mark, Marks’s parents came through but his dad was the dominant soul. His dad was in the car with me singing along with me to Johnny Mathis and O Holy Night and let me know that it was him while talking to Mark.

Both his mother and Dawn’s mother came through strong as well but mostly for their granddaughter Kim. Kim a shy kid got many messages from them which seemed to delight her. I believe she got comfort knowing they were there for her. At one point, while I was giving messages, I heard the name Rose, those of you who follow me or have been with me know names are not my thing although I hear them from time to time.

During this session, I heard one of the grandmothers say “Rose”, I asked everyone if that name meant anything to anyone. When everyone said no, I asked if could it be a middle name or someone who hadn’t come through yet because it was loud and strong.

At that point, Kim the daughter started pointing down at the dog. Dawn said to Kim the dog’s name is Stephanie. Kim told her mom Grandma called the dog Stephanie-Rose. I was very happy that name was for Kim and it meant a lot to her, that Grandma was acknowledging her dog.

Grandma wanted to make sure Kim knew she was there and Kim got it.

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