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My client Dawn hired me to do a session with three people, I thought she was one but wasn’t sure who else, I never ask questions about who would be at the session. This was on a Saturday with Christmas just a little over a week away.

On my way, I felt like some Christmas music, so while driving I reached over without looking to grab a TSO CD but somehow, I grabbed the Johnny Mathis Christmas CD Instead. OK, I’m good with that, I love Johnny Mathis’s Christmas CD. I was just a few miles away from my location when O Holy Night came on. Well, let me tell you, I started banging that out in my off-tone voice as loud as I could what the hell it was just me in the car or so I thought. I was really feeling the Christmas spirit.

I was a few lines in when I started to hear a voice singing right along with me. At first, I thought it was an echo or my voice hitting the window and bouncing back, so I stopped to listen, then it happened, my passenger who was singing stopped and began to laugh. Well, that isn’t me laughing. I thought about that for a moment, about who it could be. I initially thought it could be my dad but he was a Nat King Cole guy. I was driving and couldn’t concentrate on the voice plus; I was more focused on my upcoming session.

Upon my arrival, I was introduced to the three that I was there for, they included my client’s thirteen-year-old daughter, my client’s husband Mark & a friend of the family. As the souls started to gather, I had Dawn’s mother, Marks’s mother, and his dad with a few others a few others. The Grandmothers identified themselves and started to give me messages from Stephanie their granddaughter.

Suddenly things shifted and Marks’s dad became the dominant soul and wanted to talk to Mark. A few minutes into my messages to Mark, his father told me he was the one in the car singing along with me, he had a sense of humor, as he said to me “You have some voice”. He told me, that Johnny Mathis was his favorite singer and he loved O Holy Night. It was at this point, that I said to Mark, “Your dad loved Johnny Mathis didn’t he”. He looked at me with surprise and said yes, he did.

I told Mark his dad was with me in the car on the way over and explained to him what had happened, if mark was a skeptic, I saw by his face he no longer was. His dad was the soul he was looking to hear from and his dad didn’t let him down, they never do.

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