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I was doing an event at the Fiddlers Green Pub in Carmel NY. There were twenty people there. The night turned out to be eventful even though I was afraid I wouldn’t get anything for anyone, This was my insecurity talking. I want to bring messages to people who seek me out & I don’t want to disappoint them.

Well, I got messages for eighteen of the twenty, one person was a friend who was there to support me, and the other, Nichole left. Grandpa was with me and wanted to let Nicole he was there for her. He bugged me for several days he was relentless. I contacted Patty the woman who set it up who reached out to the owner of Fiddlers. It turned out Nicole was her bartender.

Nicole reached out and we did a phone session which she was grateful for. She was close to her grandpa and the messages she got were important to her. He was the reason she came she wanted to hear from him. It always happens, the soul people are looking for always shows up.

Things always work out as they should, even though Nicole left Her Grandfather got my attention and she got what she came for even though not that night.

It was a very interesting night that night and a lot happened that just blew me away.

Bob Buchanan

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